Walmart cracks down on guns

No more sales of .223 and 5.56 ammo
No more handgun ammo sales
No open carry unless law enforcement is in the store
No more handgun sales in Alaska

The tide is finally turning against the gun huggers


It will be a sad day in this world when no one has any guns.

Walmart is also stopping the sale of handgun ammunition nationwide.

It does no good to flippantly use the derogatory “gun huggers” in your OP and takes away from any possible sensible discussion of what Walmart is doing in the wake a horrific shooting in one of it’s stores.


■■■■ Walmart…which I’ve only step foot in 1 storm my entire life.

As for ammo sales…that’s a good thing. It only helps your mom and pop gun stores. Walmart should just stop selling guns and ammo period.


Can you predict when that day will be achieved. I want to be sure to stock up on anti-depressants.

You realize you are predicting global disarmament!

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Walmart’s execs can read. Dick’s Sporting Goods curtailed gun sales and overall revenues rose sharply.

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Paging Captain Literal! Captain Literal you have a phone call.

I don’t think a family store like Walmart where you can buy groceries, get your anti psychotic meds filled and buy liquor, should be selling guns and ammo anyway.

The Tide is finally turning against chain stores being stupid.


They got the biggliest CAT 5 Storm brewing up down in Florida…if you are ever interested into stepping foot in another one soon? :laughing: :sunglasses:

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Why? It’s better that those on his side go ahead and say what they really feel about those who wish to maintain their Constitutional rights.

Sugar coating it and pretending to give a â– â– â– â–  is pretty much lying about the agenda.

Walmart has the right to do whatever they want to do re: the sale of guns.

It’s great that not everyone feels there is nothing that can be done. Congrats to Walmart for trying to help.


Are you sure? I never heard of a CAT 5 hurricane.

Are you confusing CAT 5 with the CAT 5 network LAN cable?


No it wont. There will not be anyone around to shed a tear. The world will pass away before it is gunless.

No I am pretty sure I heard the President say it was a CAT 5 but he couldn’t remember if we’d ever had a CAT 5 before, but he was sure we had. Or something like that.

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Why are we still using cat-5 cables is the question…

This just made me sad…:flushed:

The president really clears things up, don’t he.


I know…I only use CAT 12 Cables in my house… :man_shrugging: