#Walkaway campaign going viral, tens of thousands of liberals abolishing DNC in their lives


Glad you dig it.

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Alfie if there really was a legitimate movement of hordes of D voters leaving the party I’m sure guys like Ben Shapiro and Ed Morrissey, among others, wouldn’t ignore it.

Besides that, do we really want a lot of liberals driving the R party even further left.


Aww, and he was all ginned up! And then you go and throw ice water on him. :disappointed:


Im the ultimate party pooper for Trumpists i guess.

As I’ve said a lot of the tweets I’ve read look like people with legitimate accounts, not bots. Doesn’t mean I believe them all. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if a lot are not former D’s but Trumpists.


Attention seekers, regardless of their political affiliation.

One of the reasons I’m glad you’re here.


The reason why this (mostly) doesn’t pass the smell test for me is they aren’t just rejecting the D party but embracing Trumpism. Just doesn’t ring true.


That’s interesting… I walked away from the GOP as result of the hysteria after 9/11 and the decision to invade Iraq.

It’s pretty amusing that Straka is having his moment of fame precisely because of free speech. Straka will be a nobody in less than six months…

You still haven’t answered the question though… If I decide to #walkaway from the DNC do I just need to use the hashtag and I’m counted? Do I need a video? Do I have to change my registration with the state?


You’ve been here a long time. Long enough, I’m sure to have seen a few on each side ‘first hand,’ as it were.

It’s tough not to be skeptical these days — of practically everything.


He also selling #walk away shirts, so there’s that.


If someone wants to buy a shirt, I’ve got a couple to sell you, but caveat emptor, they are from the Goodwill. Hit me up in my PM for details.


And a nice little gofundme account for:

The startup costs include:
•lawyer fees for trademarking and incorporating #WalkAway Campaign (already paid by me on credit card)
•application fees (already paid by me on credit card)
•website building, hosting, domain and email account purchasing (paid by me on credit card)
•fliers, postcards, literature
•video camera
•probably a bazillion other things I’m not currently able to anticipate



My god, the trump idiots are so gullible.


um, what triggered you bring that up?

didnt politicize it enough i guess


please dont respond to me. just respond to your “tragedy whore” lefty buds. talk amongst yourselves


Two excellent points. Time will tell. But its Trump’s party now, RINOs are a vanishing species.


Do you have your #walkaway shirt yet?


Yep. I mean it isn’t so much they are leaving the D party, but embracing Trump that’s hard to believe.

On the flip side, I was on the same page as people like Shapiro, Goldberg, etc who were anti Trump, but also were in no way going to become a D and support Hillary.

That being said, there are others who have left the GOP and are encouraging others to vote D, such as George Will.

That’s a non starter for people like me too.


It reveals a lot about George Will. Did he ever believe the conservatism he preached. Its had to believe he wasn’t in it just for the $$$.


Unfortunately that is very true. It makes it hard for people like me, because although I admit I like some of what he has done, I still oppose him because of his temperament and boorish behavior. That hasn’t changed and it never will.

I don’t know if Trump really is more conservative now than he used to be, or if he is just doing things he knows conservatives like to pander to them. But I will take it.

I just hate he stupidity that comes with it.


He got lots done, Anwar, pipeline, Supreme Court, deregulation, tax cuts. This with a 24/7 witch hunt seeking his scalp. By that measure, he’s the most conservative President we’ve had in a long time.

But I’m blind to his boorish behavior, construction work, merchant marine…that’s normal behavior…

Although God is dealing with me on that.


I don’t consider it normal behavior… but Trump is doing the best he can to mainstream petulant behavior and name calling.

Yes he has got quite a bit done that I agree with. However tariffs are definitely NOT something I support. On the contrary, it’s madness.

Anyhow, I really think if this was a genuine, organic movement of many people giving up on the D party we’d be hearing about it from mainstream conservative sites. And they aren’t the ones writing and tweeting about it.

It’s alt right sites like Trumpbart and Gateway Pundit.