#Walkaway campaign going viral, tens of thousands of liberals abolishing DNC in their lives


Twitterpated Trumpist trills in turgidity at titillated talk of trumped-up triumphs. :us:

This message brought to you by overly obsessed with alliteration Alfie. Tune in tomorrow for another turn of torpid tomfoolery from our favorite trolling Trumpist!


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At least some of the videos as well as tweets seem to be from legitimate Americans, so it’s not all bot accounts.

However, although this has gotten huge attention from Looney Trumpbart, Gateway Pundit and Natural News, I’ve noticed mainstream conservative sites have ignored it. This includes sites like Rex State, Hot Air and Daily Wire. They don’t post nutty stuff, unless it is to debunk it.

So there are a few possibilities. There really are thousands of liberals leaving the D party and most media is ignoring it.

Or, there are liberals fleeing the Ds but the numbers are greatly exaggerated

Third possibility is a lot of the tweeting and videos are not by former D voters but Trumpists spreading very fake news.

MY guess is it is a combination of #2 and #3.


I believe you are correct.



Likely Redstate, Hotair and DailyWire don’t consider it a “conservative move” so don’t report on it, yet.

It could be the numbers are over blown, but it seems to be growing. In that state of flux numbers are irrelevant. Its the direction that’s important.

It does seem to be viral. Time will tell.


I disagree with the sentiment. But, I must say, that is truly a thing of beauty.


So what exactly does #walkingaway mean? Do I just use the hashtag? Make a video? Do I have to change party registration? Should be easy to determine by checking with the SOS of each state for voter party changes if that’s the case. Is there a flood of party registration changes happening across the country?


Whatever you do, be sure you’ve enrolled in youtube’s ad-revenue program before you do it.


and people thought automation would only hurt manual labor jobs.


Post on youtube and send a tingle up Alfie’s leg. Seems to be the extent of it. :wink:


I walked away from Democrats because of Reagan. You have to see those videos (on YouTube) to see why they are walking away.

Many cite the derangement that has taken over, the fascist silencing of free speech. The constant smearing of Trump (yes, they noticed).

This video gives Brandon’s reasons why.





Yet to prove there are tens of thousands.


ha. you said that of the dallas incident too.


Republicans said that about Sandy hook too.



10 char


Fake News!!?


They were all quite good. Evidently they were deleted just now. The first had me for a moment, then I recognized it was a Beatles song. Brown Sabbath was quite good also. I wonder if they really did that live in a club, it sounded too good.

Thanks, I enjoyed them.


Bull ■■■■. It was Alex Jones and a few other nuts.