#Walkaway campaign going viral, tens of thousands of liberals abolishing DNC in their lives


Oh, and Vlad is short for Vladislov. Vladi would be the shortened name for Vladimir.


:rofl: Good one.


If you don’t like the answer, don’t ask the question.


Raining down red pills like it is Christmas.


This from a man who worships Vlad’s buddy, Don?


Takes a lot of guts too. You never know what a crazed lib is capable of. This man just became a target for intense hate.


I know, you guys are such victims.


Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton made tens and I mean tens of millions of dollars…funny how you failed to mention that in your profitability.


C’mon man. Is that the best you can do? Boooooring! Please try harder.


Tens of thousands? The OP continues to make up alternative facts.


All you do is cry about what victims you are and insult and deride everyone else who claims to be victimized.


This is getting childish. Are we done yet? A yes or no will suffice.


Dave Rubin is a free speech absolutist.

I am not.

i.e. I believe that you have a right to say whatever you want, but you are not free from the consequences of that speech nor are you entitled to a platform.

Others disagree with me.


No, we’re not done. You not only insult and deride any other group that claims to be victimized, you claim that the real victims in every case are conservatives.

Something racial? Black peoples aren’t discriminated against but you know who is? Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain and any black conservative!

Something about the gays? Gays aren’t discriminated against but you know who is? Conservative Christians!

Something racist or hateful being publicly said? Oh, poor liberal snowflakes, but you know who the real victims are? The people who say it, because liberals aren’t tolerant of their intolerance!

You have a rule set for you and a rule set for everyone else and you’re always the real victims.


I also laugh at Rubin’s complaint about “trigger warnings” which has existed forever.

It used to be called " Viewer Discretion is advised" and no one gave a ■■■■.


I recall an America where people went to work with different political opinions, and it was considered life liberty happiness. We agreed to disagree and worked well with each other on the job, not demanding people be persecuted for their beliefs.

I like that America. The Progressive America trying to replace it, is totalitarian. Evil, ugly, hateful.


If I didn’t have talent or a soul I too would whore myself on youtube for republican clicks. Good money to grab.


No you don’t. You just recall being the chief persecutor fondly.


First stage of grief: denial.


You got the wrong man Tommy boy. I don’t call people snowflakes or any other names. Am I perfect? Nope. But I try like hell not to engage in the politics of personal destruction. Rarely, very rarely, I slip up. So you may want to take you frustration elsewhere. You whiffed on this one. Bigly.