#Walkaway campaign going viral, tens of thousands of liberals abolishing DNC in their lives


A real movement, a reaction.

This is like a ripple among many ripples. As Derange Democrats reveal their nuttiness, they lose even more of the public.


So…the tens of thousands are Russian bots on Facebook and Twitter?


A talking head and a hashtag is all Fox needs for their fan fiction.


It is amazing how the CEC wants this to be a real thing.


A viral movement because Fox News says so. The people jumping up and down about this are already republicans.


This is just the PUMA thing all over again.


Everyone is getting wise to Democrat run government


Nothing like these dead beat cons in the liberal wonderland of Arlington:


Yes, walk away from the incivility of a black woman telling people to yell at people who do horrible things, to the guy instructing his followers to beat up people, who yell “Lock them Up,” who mocks the disabled and insults women and grabs them by the covfefe and I really don’t need to go on because that makes no sense.



I don’t want libs walking away…only the sane blue collar working ones and true liberals should walk away.


Right. Because those are real Americans and everyone else you hate.


Same blue collar working ones…

just like Trump.



That’s a bit selfish, is it not? You want they keep the deranged Democrats with them, making fools of themselves so all can see them as they really are, while the sane leave them behind.

That’s selfish.

I like it.




Literally tens of people are posting online about how they are walking away.

So it is definitely a real movement.



Seems staged.


Fake News.