#Walkaway campaign going viral, tens of thousands of liberals abolishing DNC in their lives


who are all major Trump supporters.


So what? It’s a few nut cases.

Your broad brush statement is stupid, just as if I was to say Democrats believe 9/11 was an inside job. A small percentage of people believe that, and I’m sure none are R supporters.

Stop with the demagoguery and broad brushing.


Dang it, messed up and ordered a walkthisway shirt instead…


That’s hilarious. He’s just full on grifting the trumptatos. And wanting others to pay his startup costs for the grift.

Can’t stop laughing at these animals!


Well, it’s a much better shirt


This entire walk away nonsense might actually be a Russian disinfo campaign. Go figure that the Trump bootlickers fell for it.


Exactly what it did for you. Raised awareness. Being a member of a favored group does not mean that someone must be a slave to the democratic party. There are other options. Free yourself from groupthink.


Evidently, Derangement is going out of style in Brussels also



By joining a group.


What group?


That was good.


The walkaway movement


Nope. Nobody is advocating joining a group. They are advocating leaving the sleazy democratic party. You missed the point. They don’t need to be slaves anymore. Leave the party be a free thinker. I have decided that neither party is good for me. That is why I went against the republicans and voted for Trump/


Well… that is the height of irony.


That is not a group. It is a philosophy. You don’t join it. It’s just an opportunity to reclaim your free will and free thought. They are not advocating anything other than freedom.


Okay… they walkaway from the Democrats… towards what?


Maybe they just don’t like the polarization? Everybody has to be grouped by race, gender, sexual orientation, rich, poor, young, old, brown people, blah. blah, blah. And everyone who disagrees must be labeled a fascist, a Nazi, a racist, a gay basher, intolerant or a hater. If somebody has a different view, you steal their hat of harass them while they are having dinner with their family. We absolutely must have our silly assed labels that we can use to condemn thousands of people who have done nothing wrong. Some people have just gotten sick of the hysteria and are walking away. Ban you blame them?


Guess I was part of the Walkaway movement before walking away was cool.

Of course, it was the Republican party I was walking away from - but that’s a different story. Decided I’d just be independent if they were going to go full tilt loony tunes.


Bumping back up the ol Russia propaganda!


Well… that doesn’t really answer the question that I asked.