Wait... Democrats aren't actually respected by the international community?

Weren’t we promised that Joe Biden would “restore” America’s image abroad? Surprise, yet another DNC lie.


We were warned by Obamas defense secretary Robert Gates and I quote “I think he’s been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades”. Can anyone argue he’s wrong in his assessment. It’s not just the brits ripping him in Europe and abroad at this pace they will be part of the deplorables.

How odd does “America’s back” sound now? I am sure the Brits didn’t think it meant they would bring back a contempt charge for an America which hasn’t happened since the Boston Tea Party, I doubt think they thought they were going that far back in America’s back.


Highly amusing without a scintilla of understanding. I am sure that if the same motion condemning bojo was moved in the Commons, it would have the overwhelming support of the opposition parties.

What’s there is understand?




Yes, Go goggle “Biden Embarrassing” and see all the stories…

Trump was 10 times a better president.

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The British government wanted Biden and they got him.

Even worse their security agencies did everything the could to undermine the elected government of the US by instigating the Russia collusion hoax.

and Australia and Italy… Basically and act of war against US. Very sad betrayal.

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Your link has a pay wall.

And after the push he scolded our NATO allies. What a guy!

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Only by those who already worshiped orange man. :joy:

New link, thanks for the heads up. It worked last night.

Has hell froze over?


From your link…do conservatives disagree with this?
Do you?

Gavin Barwell, former chief of staff to Theresa May, said it was “time to wake up and smell the coffee” that Democrats and Republicans no longer believe “the US should be the world’s policeman”.

The lesson for Europeans is clear. Whoever is president, the US is unlikely to offer the same support that it used to in parts of the world where its vital interests are not involved. Europeans are going to have to develop the capability to intervene without US support. That’s not going to be cheap. And the EU and Britain are going to have to work out how to cooperate on this because we face the same threats.”

He has restored our image abroad

all i can say is i’m glad trump handed biden the covid plan including how to get it distributed because what i’m seeing of biden’s logistical prowess is less than inspiring.


12 countries? lol

Yes, Trump “scolded” them alright. He told them to start paying their fair share. Montenegro? How much have they ponied up. LOL
Stand in the back freeloader!

Correct, 12 countries

pffft, euro-trash