Wait... Democrats aren't actually respected by the international community?

You just proven that they world thinks Biden is a puppet and they can get him to do what is best for them before the US.


it did for the Eagles

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More likely they knew Trump was a fool and they’re thrilled he’s gone.

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not today

Trump is literally the only president that made me feel embarrassed to be an American. I wasn’t a fan of Bush, Jr., but even with him I was still proud to be an American. Trump started as a laughingstock, then just made everybody look down and shake their heads.


Remember when today’s right wing didn’t care what Europe thought, even wearing European discontent like a badge of honor?

Pepperidge Farms remembers.


Got that evidence that Trump, who wanted to move faster to withdraw from Afghanistan and kept drawing down troops even as the Taliban continued to consolidate and grow their control over Afghanistan, would have handled this better?


You got any proof he wouldn’t have?

Biden just cratered all expectations.

His record as President was exemplary.

Biden did what Biden does…ruined it.

So which nations should we be concerned about what their opinion of the US is?

I agree with the last half of that.

none because that isn’t how NATO works, no one pays America.

Spring 2021. So done when?


I know that Australia competes in the Eurovision Song Contest but we are not in Europe. Also, last time I looked Japan, South Korea and Canada are not in Europe.

Apart from Trump, which other USA president was publicly ridiculed by leaders of the USA’s allies?

I still don’t care what Europe thinks. I do find it amusing that progressives campaigned on it, only to have Biden fumble the ball anyway.


i guess it was over your head

apart from biden which one was held in contempt?