Video Games (what are you playing)

Achievement hunting on Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero. There’s about a half dozen story lines to play through. Same maps, but different ways of navigating them.

The display is definitely more robust on that one than the Steam Deck. How are its emulation capabilities?

I have Shantae from the 360 days.

I enjoy a good achievement hunting session. Xbox is so satisfying with its achievement tone LOL



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From what I have read and seen on Youtube emulation is pretty good. Though Nintendo has clamped down on emulation recently. Nothing new there.

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That’s a good way for them to get their games emulated. :rofl:

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I came of age during the ZSNES and SNES9X era. Boy running Star Fox was taxing on my old Celeron circa 1998 PC back then.

Then I upgraded to a Core 2 Duo based machineand Neo Rage Alpha became all the rage. I had the entire Neo Geo collection at one point on that rig. And the entire Capcom CPS-II collection.

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My first experience with emulation was DreamSNES. A buddy of mine had it, along with a CD containing every SNES ROM ever made, English and Japanese. It was one of the most intense moments of brain expansion in my teen years. Like a wormhole opening for the first time. :rofl:

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Just finished up Itorah. A very basic Metroidvania with minimal reasons to re-explore areas. Some parts are sufficiently challenging to keep the game fun enough. The hand-drawn animations were very pleasing to they eyes and made the gameplay slightly better for it.

I picked it up when it was at 50% off. Summer sale will be here soon.

You love your Metroidvania games!

Just started a new character in classic WOW.

Portal games are a lot of fun. Only picked them up on your recommendation.

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I also love bridge building simulators for some reason, but no one ever seems interested when I talk about those. lol

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That’s enough achievement hunting for Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse. My brain hurts from that last speed run. :rofl:

This one remains my favorite in the Shantae series (and now the first one of them that I’ve perfected). The platforming challenges on that tower climb to the final boss are some of my favorite in any Metroidvania game that I’ve ever played. Once you have all the abilities unlocked, the game can be played like a Mario game with the B button held down.

It may even be in my top 10 if I had to put together a list. :thinking:


Steam’s Summer Sale is now on!

Picking up 5 more Metroidvanias for 22 bucks this morning.

I was looking at the Steam sale earlier this morning and thought to myself Sixy will be picking up some metrodivanias :+1::+1::+1:.


Here’s today’s haul.

(:point_up: this one looks really good)



On 07/16 for 24 hours below games are free vis Prime Gaming.

Suicide Squad has been heavily criticized but for free I am going to give it a whirl.

I already have the other games but will still claim them.


Last 4 for me during this sale.

(I’ve heard good things about this particular platformer)

(raunchy as hell :rofl: )

(Psychedelic meets Metroidvania)

Your obsessed and addicted to metroidvanias. :grinning:.

Hows the family minecraft village coming along or has it been completed/abandoned.

I built a great little house and farm with my grandson who then decided to blow it all up with the most inasne number of TNT blocks i have ever seen. I thought the PS5 was going to blow its CPU trying to render it all.

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That village has played itself out. It’s crawling with dragons and cherry trees and nether portals. We’ll build a new one this winter.

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Metroidvanias are solid. I still replay Super Metroid every few years because that game is so good.