Video Games (what are you playing)


What Games is everyone playing, I’m looking forward to the release of ANNO 1800 tomorrow in which you get to play out your dream of being a Baron and build yourself a industrial empire.


I have a regular, super, and Nintendo 64. I don’t like the newer systems.
To many buttons to simply do just one move. I have duck hunt with the toy gun.
super Mario Brothers 1 and 3. Tetris type game, all on original. Super I have
Donkey Kong, Off Road Trucking, Ms. Pacman. 64 I have Super Mario kart, and 007.
I have several other games for each system, but those are the favorites.

That and I find that they’re to graphic for most children. Video games are raising children now a days, and they’re very addicting.

Back then kids were playing outside with a ball and a stick, or at worst pong on
Atari. Now kids sit in the same room, as they don’t speak to each other, but
simply text each other.

In modern new gaming systems children can see blood squirt everywhere and
other bad things happen in specific high definition graphics.

Democrats might say, that the Parents should be monitoring their children better.
This is partly true. But if the people making these things wouldn’t make them
in the first place, then the temptations wouldn’t be there in the first place, and
we wouldn’t have to worry about it in the first place.

The truth is, the people making these systems and games, want children
to get addicted to them, for more reasons then simply just he money.


I’m playing a few different games.

DragonBall FighterZ Ranked Matches, COD: MW Remastered online, Phantasy Star IV, and Final Fantasy II.


Mostly playing Destiny 2.

Still working on finishing LOTR Shadow of War. Also play Forza Horizon 3 from time to time.

Have Assassins Creed Origins in the queue.

Stoked for Borderlands 3!!!


Lord of the Rings Online, Eve Online, and Dragon Age Origins (PC) right now


Meh. It’s no different than R rated movies. They’re gory and bloody and violent.

Parents need to be parents. If a game is rated “M” then don’t let your 8 year old play it. Monitor what your kids are playing. Limit their playing time. Don’t let a screen be the babysitter. Etc. etc. etc.

Video games are an easy scapegoat, but parents also need to be responsible for what media their kids consume.

But Mario Kart on N64 was soooooo much fun. Spent so many nights with my buddies running 4 player split screen for hours drinking Mountain Dew and eating pizzas. I also loved the Star Wars pod racer game that you could use dual controllers with.


I picked up No Man’s Sky a few weeks ago when it was 50% off on Steam.

I kind of wish my computer was a little faster. The load times take awhile to complete.


Warframe…really fun for a free game. Can see myself burning a crap ton of hours





Skyrim. (First playthough, XBox One.)

Recently we upgrades the desktop (which was 8 years old) to a refurbished AlienWare running an i7 processor, 16 gigs of ram, 512K SSD, 1 Tb HD, and a GTX1080 Ti.

Once I finish Skyrim I’m hoping to migrate over to PC for gaming and I want to be ready for CyberPunk 2077.



Obsessed with politics much?

This is a gaming thread.


Xbox, PS, or PC?


Overwatch on PC for me, jumped on the D2 hype train and got burned out after a while.

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MLB19 The Show, Sims4, Red Dead II.


Not into video games.

But I do enjoy computer/phone app games like Candy Crush & Clockmaker, which are a bit like puzzles or the game Rubik’s Race, based on the popular cube.

And I do enjoy test your knowledge games like Trivia Crack and the Spanish language Triviador Mundo on Facebook.


Those are video games.

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I cant stand mobile games, too much pay to win

But they are a huge segment of the industry and are set to outpace traditional gaming sales if they havent already


Currently doing a replay of The Dying Light.

Will be playing Far Cry New Dawn next.


Last game I played till end was far cry 4, very good game.


Nothing wrong with a good puzzle game! Its a same they are such game as a service :frowning: