Video Games (what are you playing)


Skyrim is still a blast to play such a great RPG.


Great game, Great story.

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Parents being parents hu? What parents?

Dem Politicians have made Abortion cool to kill lots of babies already.
Dem Politicians tare Religion apart, and make sure that loving ones
Country is a bad thing. (God, Family, Country).

I wonder in true statistics, if a man gets a woman pregnant, what would be
the chances that he sticks around if his ideology tends to be more Liberal,
compared to Conservative?

Hmmm, Let’s see, Not taking responsibility for ones actions??? Who does
that remind ya of Politically? Yep! Sounds like Democrat Politicians to me!

The Truth is, the Liberal Democrat Politicians want things like YouTube, Facebook, Cell Phones, and Video Games to raise children. It’s easier to brainwash them that way, and then the chances of them voting for the Democrats are higher that way.

Plus hey! Then they won’t have to think for themselves any more! lol.


My bad, are we not allowed to talk about politics because it’s a gaming thread?
I thought this was a Political site?


That it is.

I think I sunk 300 hours of my life into three characters on Skyrim over a four year period. I’d take long breaks and go play other stuff but I always came back to it.


Yep video games brain wash people which why im now a capitalist pig running a industrial iron production city in europe

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I love moral choice in games, but I can never finish them because I will get 10 - 15 hours in and be like IV CHANGED MY MIND!


What’s funny is that Phantasy Star II (for the Sega Genesis) actually does a good job relating to the social and political issues of the time period it was developed in (the late 1980s).

It dealt with a society that had given up all of its individualism to an AI called Mother Brain. The game dealt with some really mature issues for a video game, especially considering how early it was. Namely individuality and our worth as humans, biotechnology, terrorism, death, and even colonialism and its consequences.

Video game stories still struggle with presenting these issues in a mature fashion, which makes that old 1989 Genesis game all the more impressive.

It’s just a shame that as a game it is just downright horrible to play today. It’s super dated in terms of gameplay. It’s a complete grind fest, the battle system sucks, and the Technique system (basically Phantasy Star’s version of magic) is broken. I loved it as a kid (Sega FTW) but it’s so hard to play now.

Phantasy Star IV is only four years newer (released in Japan in 1993) but its actually enjoyable to play because it doesn’t feel nearly as old as Phantasy Star II. The bad thing is that it’s story is far less ambitious. Phantasy Star II’s story was a landmark for video games. Phantasy Star IV’s story, while serviceable, doesn’t really try to confront societal issues in the same way it’s predecessor had.


I loved playing bioshock its exploration of objectivism.

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Video games are one of the greatest forms of art because it allow the user to experience something and make choices that would never come up in their daily lives.


I’ve probably sunk 400 hrs into Skyrim over the years. Probably 200 into Oblivion before Skyrim came out.

I’m fairly sure I’ve literally done everything there is to do in Skyrim including the DLC. My last playthrough it was my goal to hit every quest, explore every cave, etc. My character was level 186 or something obnoxious like that though much of that was exploiting some of the mass leveling quirks in the game. Like use the alchemy / restoration gimmick to create successfully more and more powerful potions that then allow you to forge extremely powerful gear that can literally one hit kill any dragon in the game and withstand any damage. Then selling those items. You basically can instantly max out a skill doing this and then reset it and instantly max it again which helps you level fast. And even though no shopkeeper has millions of gold on hand the game still credits your speech as if you made that large a transaction so can go from 15 speech to 100 speech in one sale.


Saw this come up on facebook the other day about games where you create your character from scratch and there seemed to be two distinct camps and neither can understand the other camp at all. Some people basically try to recreate themselves in the game while others like me create something totally different. I’m a middle aged guy but in any game like Skyrim, Mass Effect, Fallout, etc I always play as a female and usually a redhead. I can’t imagine for the life of me wanting to be myself in the game whereas the people in the other camp can’t see to see why you would want to be someone else.

I’m sure there is some sort of psychology to this but how do the rest of you do it?


I tend to mix it up and create a new character to the fit the world.


And thats why I’ve replayed some multi game series like Mass Effect and Dragon Age multiple times. Choices you make in early games come back to matter a lot in later games.

Love Dragon Age since you now have the option of going onto the developers website and creating any world setting you want and then begin Inquisition (the third Dragon Age game) with it. Saves you time if you don’t want to trudge through the first two games again making different choices. I was very shocked when I recently did Inquisition and a character (Loghain) that probably died in 99% of players games in the first game was not only alive and well in my game but a major character.


I typically create a female character who usually ends up looking Israeli for some reason.

But it really just depends on the game. I never try to directly recreate myself, though. Typically the character shares my skin tone but everything else is just off the top of my head.


Hell yes!

Rapture was basically a Randian nightmare brought to life.

The best thing about the first Bioshock is that it never overstays it’s welcome. It’s short and sweet; so you can easily go back through the game trying out new things.

It keeps that 30 seconds of wonder going on for the entire experience. Not many games can do that. As much as I wanted to love RDR II it lost me a quarter of the way through.

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David Gaider use to be very active on the Dragon Age fourms when the game just released it was such a pleasure to talk to him about the world he crated.


I feel bad that I never really got into Dragon Age.

I was OBSESSED with Mass Effect 2. It’s still on my top 10 of all of time list. I adore everything about that game.

It’s just a shame that 3 was a let down and Andromeda was just garbage.


Here’s something. Name your top 10 games of all time. My list is in no particular order.

  1. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
  2. Metroid Prime
  3. Mass Effect 2
  4. Half Life 2
  5. StarCraft: Brood War
  6. Phantasy Star Online
  7. The Last of Us
  8. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
  9. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  10. Halo: ODST

Bioshock blew me away, amazing game no doubt and that twist my god

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