Vice President Mike Pence discovered classified documents in Indiana home

I’m betting this isn’t that uncommon. I’ll bet that most prior officials have unsecured classified documents laying around, that they aren’t aware of.

Pence informed Congress Tuesday he found documents bearing classified markings in his Indiana home on Jan. 16

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“This is not something seen before” Beschloss said. “Don’t think this is normal procedure”.

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If so, I think we’re going to find out that countless national pols have classified docs in their possession. Current pols and ex-pols. We’re going to see that this is a common practice.

We’re also going to see that many pols calling for their opponents’ heads are, themselves, in possession of similar docs. (Though their supporters will try to show why their guy’s situation is different.)

It’s all just going to be a political football. A hot potato. Like Mad’s “Spy vs Spy” passing the bomb back and forth.


At this point I assume they all have classified docs at home under their mattresses. It looks more and more like the Dems overreacted to Trump’s documents and they look foolish for it.


So… is it bad or good now to have unsecured classified documents in your house? I can’t keep up.


Pretty funny actually.

I think now we have Pence handing over documents both sides look foolish.

Its like @Guvnah said there will be countless pols on both sides with docs they should not have. It seems confidential and classified docs are passed around routinely.

I would say it’s not a matter of bad or good, but rather what is shaping up to be a common practice.

In my opinion (and from my DOD days) having classified docs that are either not properly secured or not in your physical possession is a violation of classified handling.

The growing trickle of who has these docs is an indication of a larger problem, and I’m beginning to conclude that many of our politicians are doing it.

I’m not sure it was an over-reaction to Trump doing it. Rather his was the first example that was brought to the forefront. And because of proper classified handling that should have been done, he couldn’t use the excuse that “everybody does it.” Now we’re finding out that, in fact, everybody (figuratively) does do it.

Maybe the proper reaction – from the top of the government on down – is to admit that it has been a common practice, but it’s going to stop. Right now.

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Guaranteed solution: Hire a school librarian to keep tabs on those docs. They are relentless.


Yes, both sides. But Democrats suggesting that Trump should be charged with a crime and potentially face jail time looks especially foolish now, in my opinion.

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Some people are say’n…

… … Can’t say who…

… … … … But some…

… … … … … … That its time to get a handle on classified documents handled by politicians. That means a colonoscopy without anesthesia for all of them.


The last thing this country needs is more “non-elected” foxes guarding the hen house…


So do we throw the book at everyone, or do they all skate?

Trump declassified at the time, the Documents he had

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It’s all good in political la-la land as long as Trump isn’t involved. He must never again enter the WH and everything the political establishment has done and is doing, is to insure that and nothing more.

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Once again a pol gets away with what a Private would be destroyed for.


It’s Oprah time…


He gave many excuses- that was one of them.

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In his mind, even.


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