US to halt "provocative war-games" with S.Korea


Here y go, according to NoKo state media



Kinda sad to see you have fallen into the “insult lib” deflection as your only discourse now, but maybe your have always been that way and I just forget.


Are you joking or trolling us here? Did you actually listen to the video you linked us to? :flushed:

If Trump is really as naive as you want to believe we all are, and in fact Kim agreed to all of these things Trump claimed there, but refuses to outline in the actual written agreement, then we are more screwed than I originally thought.

Maybe you’re also naive. I just don’t get it.

Kim: Yes Donald. We will destroy the missile engine testing site place because of your amazing equipment that detects the heat. Whoops, look at the time. Can’t add that into the signed agreement, but hey, I’ll call ya.

Trump: You’re the best Kim. Maybe the best leader ever in the history of the world besides me. Together we will go down as the bestest leaders ever. High fives for the great work with the country. The people really love you and obviously you love them to death.

I mean…man. Come on!


He was not like this at all. The last two years have done a real number on him. Or maybe what we see now was always there. I can’t say for certain. But who he at least presented himself to be for years here is definitely not what you see today.


All Trump is saying…Is give peace a chance…



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All too appropriate since we appear to be on that timeline.


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Maybe try to medicate…

Or not be so public about you sycophantic adoration…

Or maybe you are proud of being the servant of another man.

Cool with me, other people have had to make that decision too.


Blast from the past

Suddenly righties love KJU


It’s an annual exercise that the S.Koreans engage in with the US. They didn’t call it off, Trump did without telling them.

And yes, i’m against ceding to demands on this one.


How long do you think it would take to militarily strike North Korea? Trump halting the wargames keeps him in the correct mindset of not taking this thing further than it needs to go. I don’t think Trump would hesitate one second to initiate a strike. That scares the living daylights out of me, especially when it’s all in China’s backyard. There are several bears in this whole thing that I don’t want to see poked. I am not looking for WWIII. IMO what’s happened thus far is of good intent but not anywhere near irreversible at a second’s notice. Now the ball is in North Korea’s court and it’s up to them now which way this whole thing goes. Are they committed to peace or did they just jerk us around and if it’s the latter, I see the making of something that could easily escalate into another war…which I hope nobody wants?


Here’s the next step forward to peace and it’s between North and South Korea.



The New York Playboy is smarter than the Department of Defense.


We are not going to put troops back on the Asian land mass for combat.


What is tiring, is that trump is a simpleton, and his sycophants scream in butthurt agony because there are people in the media and in real life who won’t play the simpleton game.