US to halt "provocative war-games" with S.Korea


Joint exercises keep our allies safe. It helps our military be prepared, and shows NK what we are capable of.

Stopping them is simply too large of a concession at the first meeting. To o large of a risk. We have no reason to believe NK will follow through. They signed a nearly identical agreement in 1993 and pissed all over it. Why would you think they mean it this time?


…unless NK attacks SK.


No. The troops that are there will die in place.


North Korea has already witnessed our joint exercises and know what we are capable of. It’s now time to give North Korea and South Korea an opportunity to find their peace. Another thing to keep in mind is that this is not the same leader of North Korea. He’s young and who knows, maybe more amiable to such a goal. I do know this…it’s worth this chance of peace vs taking us closer to a nuclear war.


In a nuclear attack, perhaps.

But it seems unlikely NK would nuke SK. They want usable real estate. Not glowing craters.


No, in a conventional attack.


I don’t disagree with your hopes.

But this young leader had his uncle killed with an anti aircraft gun. He also made a film depicting NK nuking Mara Largo. He also holds over 100,000 people in work camps, using them as slave labor when they are not being tortured and maimed. Just sayin…


Certainly wouldn’t be pretty, but don’t think it would be complete oblivion. Pretty sure our military understands the nature of the NK convention arsenal and has our troops deployed accordingly.


You don’t really know anything about the US military, do you?


Then we find ourselves in the same place, hoping for the same outcome…observing where this crazy, ■■■■■■■ world is going. :sunglasses:


Wow…both sides beginning to understand the importance of what just happened.


But he loves his people. Trump assured me of this. Perhaps, labor of love?


That was back in April…


Obama wanted to give peace a chance and you guys lost your minds, whining about preconditions and liberal utopias, etc.


No more nuclear threat, break out the champagne!


It’s not one versus the other, the fate of both nations are intertwined.

We need peace between those nations, and we also need a denuclearized North. If all that takes is to suspend this years training, then it’s no big deal. Why are you stressing on this so much??


I believe the article started in April with an invitation from Kim’s sister but that this meeting is taking place on Friday.


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Moon-Kim summit to begin Friday morning; end with official dinner

Posted : 2018-04-23 18:04

Updated : 2018-04-24 10:29


Your comments make no sense.

  1. The north is destroying their missile sites

  2. The north is going to destroy their nukes

  3. The north released American prisoners

  4. The north is going to return the remains of soldiers from the Korean war

And all Trump has agreed to do is suspend this years training exercise between the South Korean and the US military.

How is that the north walking all over us?

A lopsided deal between a hostile nation and the USA, would be Obama’s Iran deal, where we give them hundreds of billions of dollars, and the Iranian government gets to continue leading “death to America” chants, , they don’t have to promise not to kill Americans, they get to continue causing unrest in the Mid East by supporting Hamas and the Houthis with money and weapons, oh, and a few years from now Iran gets to pursue nuclear weapons.

Trump cancels a training exercise, and to you, that’s a lopsided deal???


May this Kim thinks that by doing all of this, he will be immortalized in his nation’s history as the man who brought peace and prosperity to his country?

He did inherit the situation in North Korea from his father and grandfather. Maybe after a decade of continuing the status quo, he has grown to dislike what he inherited, and wanted to find a way to end the cycle. Possibly he thinks he can accomplish this by metaphorically wiping the slate clean, and starting all over, by bringing about this revolutionary change.

Maybe his crumbling mountain and the radiation leaking into china, from all his nuclear testing was the final straw? I’m sure he caught hell from China, and maybe this sudden change for peace was his best option going forward?

Hopefully we do get peace, and then one day we will learn why all of this came about.


That is not going to happen. Kim would be a fool to do so.