US to halt "provocative war-games" with S.Korea

Well, the N.Koreans and Chinese will be delighted with Trump labelling them as provocative, that’s right out of their playbook…

Seems like a lot of natsec people were worried he’d do this. Doesn’t appear to have informed the S.Koreans yet either.

Hasn’t told the DoD yet either :laughing:.

"US Forces Korea said Tuesday it had received no instructions to stop upcoming military drills, according to a report from Stars and Stripes, an unofficial military newspaper.

“In coordination with our [South Korean] partners, we will continue with our current military posture until we receive updated guidance from the Department of Defense … and/or Indo-Pacific Command,” spokeswoman Col. Jennifer Lovett told Stars and Stripes in an email.

The South Korean President’s office said Tuesday it was still trying to figure out what Trump meant in his military comments. “At this moment, we need to figure out president Trump’s accurate meaning and intention,” a South Korean statement said."

"Dear South Korea,
It’s been fun. But I’ve got a new girl now. And she’ll be really pissed if I keep talking to you. So…um…good luck I guess. Hope things work out for you. Buh-bye.

Donald J Trump"


Translated into Korean this is roughly “■■■ is this idiot thinking!”

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He is a genius, according to his base.


“At this moment, we need to figure out president Trump’s accurate meaning and intention” is a nice summation of the Trump Presidency.

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By this point I think most people have figured out they can ignore what Trump says today because there’s a good chance it will change after the next episode of the Presidents Daily Intelligence Briefing, aka “Fox And Friends”. That’s who is actually running the country, three chowderheads on a lightweight talkshow.


Nonsense, SK recognised the absurdity of maintaining a seventy year war a long time ago. But for the ham fisted US foreign policy they woved far past this point on their own.

Should read would have moved fat past

far past.

Damn the lack of edit ability and fat thumbs on a phone

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It’s not like they could have seen it coming.

Just out of curiosity, are there any American allies left that Trump HASN’T slighted in one way or another?

Israel, and probably Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

I guess America can bring all of our armed services home now that they are no longer needed since Trump secured peace with NK.

Just as a side note, South Korea and North Korea have been talking unification. It benefits that ideal to NOT put on threatening displays of hostility. BTW, i think we should have defeated North Korea and China during the Korean War instead of kicking the can down the road, like so much else.

The military exercises definitely “provoked” the North Koreans and I believe that’s what he was referring to and on another note years ago (when all those that hate him now actually were his buddies) private citizen Trump spoke out about the massive expense to the USA of those yearly exercises and suggested that the country get smart & charging South Korea (and other countries) for the security we provide since the South Korean economy is quite healthy and can afford to pay their fair share.

I will be bookmarking this thread in hopes of the reduced defense budget in coming years… Yeah for the peace dividend…

…and if Trump refused to cancel the war games, and an enraged Kim canceled all further talks and went back to launching missiles and threatening nuclear war, I have no illusions that you people would not criticize Trump.

Admit it, you hate Trump more than you want peace with a denuclearized North Korea.


Which relationship should the US prioritize? The one with SK or NK?