US announces peace deal with Taliban, aims to remove all US forces within 14 months

Conditions for withdrawal in place. 14 months seems pretty quick too.

Seems like most of those who opposed Obama trying to do this are unlikely to make the same objections, but we’ll see.

Obama didn’t try to do it. In fact just the opposite. He said he was going to pull them out of Iraq and put them in A-stan where they belong.

Some of the relevant text:

It came up a few times.

Good. Get them out of there. We should have left in '04.


No, it didn’t.



Look at the date on that article.

Trump is an idiot.


"“I want to publicly commend President Karzai for taking this courageous step in his determination to end the conflict and build a future of security and peace and prosperity for the Afghan people and I know President Holande shares my view on this. We’re going to continue to support these efforts in partnership with the Afghan government,” Obama said.

Obama’s comments came after Taliban spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, announced at a press conference on Tuesday that the group opened a new political office in Doha, Qatar with intent to begin negotiations with the Afghan government. The opening of the office signaled a new chapter in peace negotiations as previously the Taliban had been reluctant to sit down with the government in Kabul and instead preffered interfacing with Washington.

With the potential of recommenced peace talks still unclear, Obama was careful to express his optimism reservedly while still asserting his administration’s intention to maintain its military efforts against al Qaeda and its support for Afghan Security Forces.

“I want to repeat, we don’t anticipate that this process will be easy or quick, but we must pursue it in parallel with our military approach and we, in the mean time, remain fully committed to our military efforts to defeat al Qaeda and to support the Afghan National Security Forces,” he said.

Obama went on to say that he hoped a political solution could be brokered between President Karzai’s government and the Taliban that would pave the way for stable governance and an end to the presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan."

I don’t disagree. There’s no purpose in staying, as far as I can see.


There’s even a last sentence to quote too.

Of course there were, but we still should have left.

Mission Accomplished. Lets go home. :man_shrugging:

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How long before Trump says “HE” won the war in Afghanistan that’s why we’re pulling out?

How long before the government collapsed and the country is a safe haven for terrorists again

Just…think it all the way through…“we”…don’t want an Afghanistan ISIS or some other ill thought out remnant?

Bad plan that will backfire on us within a few years but this is a bit part of what Trump was elected to do so it’s what “The People” wanted.

Now if the Taliban were smart, what would they do?