"Uranium One" Fact checking the FactChecker, my research


If they are our enemy, why do we trade with them? Why do we have diplomatic relations with them?


So, Russia is our enemy?

And pray tell, what will Russia do with this uranium ?


National Security requires that you don’t sell them something that can be used against America.


No, it’s not - because that didn’t happen.

What happened was a state-owned Russian company bought a Canadian uranium mining company, which in 2010 represented 20% of uranium production.

Today, they represent I believe approximately 7% of this country’s uranium production.


They can’t use the $15 billion from selling their goods to us against us?


And once again, we’ve come full circle.

How can it be used against America?


Is Trump a traitor for not shutting UraniumOne down?


Production capacity is the measure he’s trying to refer to, I think.

Nevertheless, UraniumOne represents much less than 20% of capacity today.


Less than 30 hours until December 5th.


This gentleman Vadim Zhivovis the person you refer to. This article tells me uranium One did a deal with ARMZ in 2008 for 21%, ARMZ is a government controlled entity.



I wasn’t referring to any “person”.

Did you read my post before you responded?


Why is this nonsense conspiracy theory being pushed again?


Confirm what?

Did you read the article?

Or did you only read the headline?


Because who ever told you this lied.


Is Trump committing treason by allowing Uranium One to continue operating?


Jerome Corsi, is that you?


We still on for the party tomorrow? You’re guest of honor afterall.


Someone’s in for a big letdown, and it’s not you.


Forever…it’s in their DNA to be totally gullible.


It’s the 5th now. What’s going on?