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Hahaha, I hear a train coming!


Some people would like to fantasies he won’t testify, nothing can stop this freight train!


Nope, not even the passing of 41 Can stop it!


He has better things to do I’m sure.


Temporary delay.


Has QAnon told you when he will testify after this temporary delay?


So, are they all in jail yet? I mean, both the Obama and Clinton Crime Families are all together right now. It’d be easy to swoop in and arrest them!

It’s going to happen any moment now I’m sure!


It’s 11 AM ET. Let’s get this show on the road!


Where are we with this?


It’s 12 PM ET. It’s D5 (Qanon speak) time! Let’s do this!


D5 baby!


What time is this supposed to take place? I thought for sure by now that we’d all have been shown the light.


Nope, probably after Comey testifies, they want him to incriminate himself.


Nope not yet, Trump wants them to squirm longer.


I’m with you, let’s go.



We’ve waited.

It’s here.

What’s up?


We all were, but the passing of 41 wont stop this freight train.


Looks like it stopped. And then fell off the tracks.


[Checks watch] Right on schedule, too.


It’s 1 PM ET. Let’s do this thang! #D5