"Uranium One" Fact checking the FactChecker, my research


The “Deepstate” will go down for donating to charities…LOL!


That would be Obama’s Iran right?



It’s ok, we understand. You failed.

Maybe someone else will be able to step up to the plate and bail you out. But I wouldn’t hold out hope.

If my question was ignorant, it should be easy to educate me. That is, if you actually knew what you were talking about. Instead you endlessly dodge.


The “Storm” is coming December 5th… LOL!


So is engaging in any sort of commerce with Russia treasonous? I mean, we import something like $15 billion of Russian goods and export about $5 billion.


yes, would you buy software from them to run your fighter jets or artillery?


Nope. That as far as far as the CEC propaganda extends on this topic.


Lol, we better try a whole ton of people for treason then!


Trumps working on it!


This is as good as that old board thread about Baked Lay’s. I can’t remember who that was that was screaming and yelling about the price of those chips. This reminds me of that.


That’s a good one comparing uranium to chips.


NOLady so something like that. I believe she was outed as a paid poster.


It’s not illegal to trade with Russia. Stop trolling.


Who’s talking trade?


…all of us?


Yes, she admitted to working for Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute.

The only known paid poster on the Hannity boards was a Republican. I hope they weren’t paying t her very much cuz…damn.


This thread is about CIFUS selling 20% of Americas uranium to the enemy the Russians.


In 2015 or 2016, Uranium One produced like 2% of all US-produced Uranium.



And the problem with that is…what, again?


The enemy part, don’t you and why not?