Truth Social Launches Tomorrow

We all know he is lying. Just scrolling through his feed and saw he reposted something from Andrew Tate, why am I not surprised.

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It’s amazing that any of these “influencers” see the light of day in the first place. The idea that any of these “people” should be emulated is so horribly laughable.


Poor choices and personal consequences and all that. The financials for the dumb company were right there for anyone to read.

Wishing financial hardship on your fellow Americans.


That. Is. Amazing.

Could not agree more. I cannot think of a more vapid and vacant set of individuals with zero skills.

Yes they make a fortune but come the apocalypse their skills sets are even more useless than mine so they should be on the food chain before me. :grinning:

Again - even you guys mist understand that Donald Trump is the one causing the financial hardship, right?

They’re planning on releasing another 20-60 million shares (90% of which go to Trump). I wonder what that’ll do to the price per share?

That justifies applauding it?

And you wanna talk “financial hardship “?

Let’s talk bidenflation shall we?

That’s what you are seeing now. News was already out, letter of the law donchakno.

Wanted to kick this up for the purposes of First to tell all you lefties who predicted this stock to be a lemon……

Told you so.

DJT closed at 53.40 yesterday.

Also to laugh at all you who were applauding the momentary downturn.



Trump still isn’t broke after getting “his ass handed to him”?

Awww maaaaaaan! :rofl:


Did you invest?

The stock has a price to earnings ratio of negative 90. Meme stocks are cool as long as you are not caught holding the bag.

Good luck to any of his supporters struggling with groceries but buying his stock. Hopefully that isn’t anyone here :wink:

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Keep trying to convince yourself that you know what you’re talking about.

I’ll just laugh at all you lefties who claimed this was a dog with fleas

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It is a dog with fleas. Like I said negative 90 PE. Truth Social is still losing users.

Once earnings come out, it will plunge again. My advice if you invested… sell before then.

This is where I go when I need to know how to spend my money…

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Stop whining.

Is that with or without the multiplier? What was it? .09?




This is an interesting article that discusses why DJT Media might not be a meme stock and one of the reasons is that Trump has 65% of shares which makes it difficult to be shorted. Plus it has an unusually high support from individuals.


I still think this will crash and burn and a lot of people are going to lose everything they invested but we will see. Posters such as @Gaius are far more knowledgeable on this than me.

Perhaps I should read the article.

Off the top of my head:
41% of Russell companies have zero earnings

They are bad investments.
“Truth Social” is worse it has almost zero revenues!!
$750,000 gross income last quarter. By comparison, a Walmart produce department with 5-10 highschoolers as employees generates that much every month so . . . imagine your local Walmart produce department divide it by 4 that’s the entire company.

It’s a sick joke and should never have been allowed to go public.


It’ll merge eventually. Then all those libs can consolidate their Truth Social and Twitter accounts. :rofl: