Truth Social Launches Tomorrow

Anyone who was idiotic enough to invest on DJT Media deserves to lose their money.

That’s it.

Keep applauding to feed your hatred.

LOL. And leftists say Trump is petty.:roll_eyes:

I have a modicum of sympathy for the victims of Trump’s grift, but not much. They should have known ehat they were getting into.


I’m curious as to how you reconcile your pearl-clutching about people losing money with the knowledge that these people were victimized by Trump.

None of them would have lost a penny, if it wasn’t for him.

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I don’t. His past fraud and failed businesses are readily available to read about on the internet. They should have known.


How did I miss this?

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A lot of americans are making tons of money off this stock’s decline.

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Did you invest? If not, why?

No. Not wanting him back in the White House is one thing.

Wanting him and anyone who MIGHT vote for him to be financially ruined is pettiness rooted in hatred.

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Nope. Don’t purchase IPO’s

Only those that bought this stock. Whether or not they vote for him is not relevant. I imagine some people bought even if they don’t like Trump, because they thought they could make money. I didn’t but I wish I did short it… the data is screaming grift!

Good for you

Oh. So we are back to you wishing financial hardship upon your fellow Americans.

As I said, petty.


If anyone is investing purely based on their support for Trump then they are idiots and I have zero sympathy for them if they end up with a worthless investment.

Investing should be done with the head and not the heart.

Hopefully that’s a parody account.

He ran for a NJ House seat and lost in the Republican primary. :confused:

of all the stocks in america, this was the toughest to short

cost plenty to borrow DJT stock.


it’s not.