Truth Social Launches Tomorrow

Well, here it comes. Doesn’t look like there will be an android version quite yet though. I’ll have to dust off the iPad.

Here’s the President’s first post on there. lol


Are you taking bets it will be down by 6pm?

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“Your favorite president”



I think he still really believes it.

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This should be entertaining LOL.

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By whom?

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Wait- the entire format is a duplicate of twitter except with red instead of blue?

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Well it’s been a great stock investment if it doesn’t turn out to be dud. I hope it does well competition in social media is an area it is needed imho.

I personally wish social media politics was more like it is here where both sides engage with each other but it just didn’t go that way on the big platforms.

I have stated before some of my views have changed by engaging and listening to alternative views of posters on this message board whereas social media especially Twitter became and echo chamber.


My favorite President has been dead more than 50 years. If he sees me soon I will vote for Trump.

So did they finally agree to release the open source code they stole and tried to copyright? Or is this going to be a bbs like how his last big internet thing was a WordPress blog that was incorrectly formatted?

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I’m a Truman guy myself.


Anonymous will hack it by 6 if the copyright owner’s don’t turn it off beforehand.

My favorite President.

I am not alone.



So they are a monopoly.

Didn’t think paper or bulletin board was copyright material.


Him too!

I feel like maybe they don’t understand how vulnerable open source software is. Why Android phones have more dangerous exploits that Indiana Jones.

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Tens of millions agree with him.

Far more than like Brandon these days.

Brandon support is down to the die hards. The woke libs mostly.

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The midnight gnashing was to be expected. Syndromes and all. :wink:


Funny that people think that the Left wing is happy with Biden

All electronic communication is vulnerable.

Cashless society is not a good idea.