Truth Social Launches Tomorrow

There, there…


By the numbers: Truth Social’s parent company, Trump Media & Technology Group, generated a total of $3.38 million in revenue for the first nine months of 2023.

It reports a $49 million net loss during the same period, including around $26 million in Q3.
The company’s cash-on-hand dwindled to just $1.8 million at the end of September, compared to $2.4 million at the end of June, while its total liabilities climbed nearly 72% to $60.5 million.

I’m surprised they can’t generate more revenue.

I’m also always surprised at how much it costs to run these compnaies.

What do they spend the money on? Is there a constant need for an army of coders? Do you have to physically hose servers to keep your site easy to access?

It’s a smart play to go public. Incentivize people to get the vote out for trump because if he gets re-elected, revenue wil surge as people seek access by patronizing his company a la his hotels.

Would never have happened of the fascists had not censored him.

EVERYONE should be fighting every form of censorship.


Leftists can change their labels, but never their stripes.


A potential 5 billion valuation at that revenue is peak grift! This is exactly what Trump does best and his followers will gladly part with their limited money to buy the stock while simultaneously going on TS to complain about the price of milk and eggs

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I suspect in a few years like most other Trump ventures investors will have lost money but this time it will be the deep states fault and a conspiracy to short the company.

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3M is the revenue for a small convenience store…

Truth Social is now a publicly traded company.

The merger approval means TMTG stock will trade on the Nasdaq as “DJT” as early as next week.


5,600,000,000 - 370,000,000 - 90,000,000 = 5,140,000,000

Nice gainz, dude. :+1:

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This will prevent the looters from grabbing Trump properties.

Just in time.

Love the irony.

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Except he can’t try to cash out for 6 months.


I’m buying at least one share.


Simply because I’ll forget about this, please let us know how it’s doing in a year. I’m not saying it will be a good investment or not, but I’m actually curious.

You can look it up on the internets in a year. If it’s not doing well, you can look at your own posts here.

Who said I’m buying it for an investment?

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Well, good luck to him.
Me and my money will search for opportunities elsewhere.

Down another 14% today, to 22 and change…

Keep applauding your fellow Americans losing money.

Yay for stocks tanking.


Only the failing ones, for companies with no fundamentals or profits.

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