Trump's Secretary of Labor Broke the Law to Aid a Pedophile


Like Comey and Lynch. Right. In Dem-world many things are inverted, rather thanworking the way they are supposed to do.


Is giving generous plea deals to wealthy pedophiles “the way things should be done”?


Not only to you have the relationship between the FBI and the DOJ upside down, but you are echoing Trump’s insistence that DOJ works for the President rather than operating at arm’s length to enable independence.

As I recall, the man you call “globalist George W. Bush” ran as a conservative Republican with strong support from our esteemed host. Are you too young to remember?

Perhaps your writing George W. Bush out the the conservative movement shows just how strong the Russian influence is in Trump world. Rewriting the inconvenient past to fit the current narrative was a constant Soviet tactic.


Gaslighting it is, then.

We each view events differently and in different contexts. I don’t expect much from the people on the hill so, it’s just another day ending in y when they act the way I expect they will.

I expect more from my fellow citizens than I do those creeps on the hill. We make up the fabric of this country and that is the context from which I view events.

No matter what they do on the hill, it’s the people down here in the real world who have the most effect and which comprise my area of interest. I find this hypocritical interest in news depending on who it targets to be a disgusting commentary on how so many of the rank and file endeavor to be as sleazy as those on the hill.


You can’t correct a wrong until the wrong has been done.


Good one. You must be proud of it.


It wasn’t interesting or a giant brush.


Yes, I’ll comment. Trump should fire him. Did Hillary Clinton defend a child rapist and laugh about getting him off? Any comments?

Yes, whataboutism. Absolutely.


Now imagine Hillary was the prosecutor in that case and helped get him off, then laughed.


Not hard, she should be fired too. Even as a defender for the laughing.

When was this determination made?


Fired from what? The only title she currently has is grandma


You voted for her, from that.


You are wrong once again. I voted for Johnson in the last 2 elections


Ok, if you say so.


So proximity or a relationship to the victims is the determinant of “bad news”? So I guess, unless you live on the Southern border or have been murdered by MS-13, you won’t be posting about the Wall anymore?


Another gaslighter.


As I observed yesterday, it’s a sure sign that the ideas have run out when the name calling begins.


How has the immigration situation affected you personally? If it hasn’t had negative repercussions then it’s not bad news for you


That is something cons actually just imagined.


He and his shrinking base are experts at projection.