Trump's Secretary of Labor Broke the Law to Aid a Pedophile

A US District Court judge in Miami has ruled that Trump Administration Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta violated federal law a decade ago while serving as US District Attorney in Miami, in the case of Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire accused of trafficking under-aged girls into prostitution.

Acosta kept the case out of federal courts, where the penalties would have bene more severe and arranged a minimal sentence in local jails for the well-connected and wealthy perpetrator.

Where Acosta broke the law was in hiding the deal from two of the underage victims, who would have had the right to object to this kid glove treatment for Epstein had they been aware of it.

No comment yet from the White House on this latest example of Donald Trump keeping his promise to hire “only the best people.”

Should Trump fire Acosta? Will Trump’s base insist on that or look the other way?

this is my shocked face


Only the best and the brightest

Honestly, the evangelical “leaders” were just fine with Trump being on tape bragging about sexual assault, so I doubt they will have much problem with this. As an evangelical myself, I consider them hypocrites and complicit in Trump’s big con.


I can believe this is happening. This is utterly believable.

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What ever this guy did and who ever else was involved…I hope gets exposed for all to see and all of them punished severely. I also hope that if any laws were broken to alleviate some of the charges, that they are all reinstated and any additional law breakers that were complicit get severely punished too. Taking sexual advantage of a minor is one of the most evil things an adult can do and all of us, regardless of politics…should find common ground here. All involved need to be severely punished.


Looks like the Secretary of Labor directly implemented a two-tier justice system.


By the time this makes it through the spin cycle the Secretary will likely be the victim of a two-tiered system.

Wow. Just, wow.

Once again, Hannah’s bringing the heat.

once again, republicans are guilty of what they accuse dems of…


You are precisely right. Now anytime I hear a right-wing talkie spout off about what the left is “getting away with” I know it is the right-wing traitor tribe that is engaging in the criminal conduct. The just love to project theirs upon others.

Lock 'em up!

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Boy, protecting a pedophile. That doesn’t seem like a smart long term career move.


Not while serving as Secretary of Labor?

Put him in jail.

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It’s been 10 years. He probably became innocent by now.


Then Trump should fire him.

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He should at least be embarrassed. He’ll fire him first.

It’s funny how R politicians operate under a two tierd justice system, but the rank and file don’t support it.

The left on the other hand…politicians and rank and file both run interference for their side when they get caught.

In case it’s not clear. If the guy did this, lock him up.


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Hmm, I wonder who else went to these Epstein parties.

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And i need to change my pants from laughing so hard…twice youve attempted this narritive of cons having standards…yes a pedo was helped…that’s your bar…meanwhile we can look at the white house and the con job being worked over us…mm

Lol…you guys are silly

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“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Donald J Trump 2002