Trump's Secretary of Labor Broke the Law to Aid a Pedophile


I haven’t had a chance to hear the entire response. Did he start fantasizing about girls with duct tape over their mouths again?


And the level of written language.


Trump hires only the best


I’m not sure who you’re conversing with in your head there, but I didn’t say any of that. I was very clear in the expression of my observation.

Is this bad news? Are you related to the guy? I’m not. It’s not bad news for me and I was pretty clear in my statement. Anyone who doesn’t know what my point was either isn’t trying or is gaslighting. Which one are you?

The people of the mueller av can’t allow any besmirching of their hero.


Trump claimed it was years ago. So clearly the past doesn’t count.


As to why I characterize this as bad news:

One, I think stretching the law to help pedophiles is bad, an opinion that derives from my dislike of pedophilia.

Two, this illustrates how the criminal justice system operates differently for the rich and powerful than for others and I dislike that.

Your argument appears to be that something cannot bad unless it has a personal impact. I find that a sense of empathy connects distant events to oneself. You are free to disagree with that.

And despite your continued deflection, I read your position correctly. You are besmirching people rather than engaging with the content of events and then denying disparaging people as the follow-up. This is the Roy Cohn/Donald Trump playbook. It’s very familiar, and, of course, both Cohn and Trump are posterchildren for the lack of empathy.


Eleven years ago Acosta was not Trump’s Secretary of Labor. Why didn’t Obama’s justice department do something?


Oh pshaw!

This is just fake news.

Everyone knows Obese Donald hires nothing but the best people!


They fired Acosta.

Trump promoted him. Apparently hiring a nanny under the table is a greater sin than aiding a child molester.


"Nothing but the best people … "


11 years ago it was Bush’s Justice Deprtment


That is how powerful Obama is. Not only did he cause the financial collapse in 2007, he oversaw the plea agreement before he became President.


The end of it, it would have had to be Obama by the time it got done. But you’re right, Bush put him in that position.


I also love this weird attempt to pin this on Mueller when he had nothing to do with putting the agreement together.

It is like some are refusing to learn how all of this works in the real world and are instead trying to cling to anything that disparages the guy who is going after their dumpster fire.


Wrong. The plea deal was made in 2007. Epstein was already in jail when Obama was elected. A C for effort though


No… the plea agreement was struck in 2007.




Reminds me of a Joni Mitchell lyric:

“Sure, it’s stricken from their uniforms, but they can’t get it out of their eyes”

Which I broadly interpret as mere hypocrisy.


This is the case where Mueller was in charge for the FBI, right? And the globalist George W. Bush was president, right? Acosta was working for them, right?


The DoJ does not work for the FBI. It’s the other way around mate.