Trump's Secretary of Labor Broke the Law to Aid a Pedophile


Good gravy. The FBI doesn’t prosecute or make deals. Prosecutors for the DOJ do. Holy cow. :rofl:


If this case had been presented in this way a year ago, certain denizens would have raced here with it and we’d have had myriad threads on the subject. Now they can flock to this one.


Since you don’t like the news… and the obvious conclusion that once again Donald Trump has failed in his pledge to only hire “the best people” you are spending numerous posts complaining about how the news was delivered.

In my experience, it is more productive to address the issues that bad news conveys rather than spending all ones time complaining about how and when bad news was delivered. I’d be interested in your experience that matter. Why do you think that the best way to deal with bad news is to complain about how it was brought to your attention?


It’s hilarious how year ago, Qanon nutjobs were all over this story. Almost every post was about Epstein island, Clinton and Podesta and how they were all pedos who should be sent to Gitmo. Now? not so much. I wonder why that is.


Man, it was Brady Bunch around here. “Epstein, Epstein, Epstein.”

Don’t hear that any more.


Bill Clinton and Epstein were BFFs, I’m shocked this story is not getting any play here or anywhere in the CEC…shocked I tells ya.
But, but, Obama’s bomber jacket!!


It’s like everything the Trump camp accused Clinton of (charity corruption, ignoring child sex abuse, selling nuclear weapon knowledge) they are guilty of.


You already knew.


You kinda answered your own question.


Indeed. This new emphasis on trafficking at the border at first just seemed desperate. Now it seems like a “tell”.


Did I hear correctly that Epstein pled the fifth when asked if Trump was ever with him and underaged girls?


Yep, sure did.


Election fraud…


Local crazy man and all-around MAGA-loser weighs in on the investigation into Fat Donald’s Labor Secretary:


Homeboy is crapping bricks.


Hey y’all! Fat Donald thinks it’s okay if you broke the law to protect a serial child sex-predator.

Asked about Acosta giving Epstein a sweetheart deal, he said:

I really don’t know too much about it. I know he’s done a great job as labor secretary and that seems like a long time ago


It’s okay if you’re doing a “good job” for him and it was “a long time ago”.


Fat Donald doesn’t care about the damage that his good friend and fellow sexual-deviant Epstein did to those underage girls.


Fat Donald doesn’t care about that at all.


Here is FAT Donald behind the Resolute Desk, lying through his teeth to protect his human-trafficking and sexual-abusing buddy, Bobbie K:


So all the fake concern troll hand wringing a few weeks ago about sex trafficking was projection. AGAIN. this is all so predictable and sad and just gross.


The government, laws, friends, women, children, decency, religion, your wife, your country, history, honesty, integrity, reality. Just reach over and grab it right in the crotch. When you’re famous they let you.


Meh. Dershowitz should be advocating for the Justice department to issue torture warrants to get at the truth.

He’s neck deep in the Epstein ■■■■■ and not just as one of Epstein’s counsel.