Trump's Secretary of Labor Broke the Law to Aid a Pedophile


“Mike Fisten, a former Miami-Dade police sergeant who was also a homicide investigator and a member of the FBI Organized Crime Task Force, said the FBI had enough evidence to put Epstein away for a long time but was overruled by Acosta. Some of the agents involved in the case were disappointed by Acosta’s bowing to pressure from Epstein’s lawyers, he said.”


Trump needs to do the right thing and get rid of this guy. Obviously Trump is not to blame for what happened in the past but he certainly can do the right thing now that he knows.

If Acosta stays then Trump is implicitly providing support for what Acosta did to ensure a paedophile received a lesser sentence.

Trump has shown how he has no qualms about firing people so I expect Acosta to be gone by Monday.


The FBI doesn’t prosecute.

You can point to that agreement… but you have no idea what happened next.

In my opinion, it seems that some want to use the idea that “no one cares” to cast aspersions on Robert Mueller in a weird defense of Trump when the fact is that they have no idea what took place.


It’s an interesting story NOW that they’ve found a way to spin it away from his deal with Mueller’s FBI.

Good job.


I dont think its Fox more a case of what our esteemed host thinks the response would be. And no I am not criticising Hannity for this. If the President was relying on my advice I would sure as heck give it.


You really want to turn this into something it isn’t.


The deal wasn’t made with the FBI, it was made with the Southern District of Florida.


Of course that’s your opinion. Some people cared about the story when they read it a year ago because it’s a travesty. Other’s only care when it can be used against specific others. Hence their lack of interest until now.



“At the end of the day, based on the evidence, professionals within a prosecutor’s office decided that a plea that guarantees someone goes to jail, that guarantees he register [as a sex offender] generally and guarantees other outcomes, is a good thing,’’ Acosta said of his decision to not prosecute Epstein federally."


I think that this projection is untrue.


I see what you did there. Pretty much as expected.


Incase it was missed:

“As a result, neither the victims — nor even the judge — would know how many girls Epstein allegedly sexually abused between 2001 and 2005, when his underage sex activities were first uncovered by police. Police referred the case to the FBI a year later, when they began to suspect that their investigation was being undermined by the Palm Beach State Attorney’s Office.”


Too bad the FBI already had a deal with him.


That was the deal Acosta stuck, it required providing info to the FBI.

But you don’t want to believe that to be the case so you go on as you are.


Have a great day, guys.

Trump is still your President.


Did what?

Yes… information was provided. You have no idea what that information pertained to nor if it led to further investigation.

The deal though had nothing to do with the FBI.

This idea that “no one cares” seems like a moral hobby horse that one wants to ride in order to be able to cast aspersions on people who understand that at the end of the day, the deal was made by the Southern District of Florida.


Orange man bad.


Thank you.

Now I know the level of debate to expect.


Ah, just trolling then. Nevermind.


This is an inappropriate ad hominem attack.

As the person who initiated this thread, I can assure you I was unaware of this story a year ago. I became aware of it yesterday and I posted about it. There is no basis for asserting that I did not care about the matter previously.