Trump's billion-dollar "Death Star"

:rofl::rofl: is that what you think happened?

You didn’t address the point that the Trump investigation wasn’t publicly announced while the Hillary investiagtion was.

Yes why would they released oppo research when it could have actually helped them. That’s crazy.

I was just talking about the racist garbage dirty politics they did play in 2016.

Please, share your thought on the purpose of opposition research.

uBlock Origin :sunglasses:

That’s exactly what happened, trump was impeached but not convicted.

It would have 100% lead pipe guaranteed their victory, especially after the Comey announcement was a shot at Hillary right before the election. (And Comey was part of the Deep State we hear- why was he taking a shot at Hillary before the election?)

And with a “compliant media”, they wouldn’t have been embarrassed one iota.

If you’re Deep Stating Trump, you make 100% sure you Deep State him so he doesn’t become part of the state himself.

You do not…DO not…leave anything to chance.


You think people are rooting for two wealthy New York gasbags to be running against each other in the fall?

A Bloomberg/Trump race may just about kill me, I think.

Sounds like you had a lot of faith in those Russian collusion Liars.:rofl:

But actually when making this all about Trump while Democrats are doing the same things is pretty close to what is being talked about. The complaining article is the best example of disinformation.
It creates the false belief that this as all about Trump.
The huge amount Bloomberg is putting into the internet is ignored.
And the article talking about propaganda…propaganda is what political advertising is and always has been. I think back now to the image of the cute little girl being blown up by an atom bomb because of Goldwater.
Plus…talking about disinformation? Nothing is traced to exactly what this disinformation is. Is it something as off the wall as saying Gabbard is a Russian asset?

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Well, it was on the internet alot. Must be something to it.

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You’ll have to take that up with Comey. A Comey/Trump conspiracy is not something I’m prepared to accept.

Dog bites man news.

Bloomsburg owns a sizable chunk of media.

Mini Mike will need that box to stand on.

If you haven’t I would encourage you to read the Atlantic article. Yes there is heavy focus on Trump’s campaign of misinformation because the focus is on Mr. Parscale but it doesn’t credit him, Donald, or anyone on the right with pioneering these tactics. The collective effort from both sides is the concern, esp. in how it undermines the value of fact-based journalism. That is something that should concern everyone.


Do you believe that it is just chance that a basically anti Trump magazine like the Atlantic picked Parscale to write the article about? If they had gone in detail with one of their favored Democrats and then said “But Republicans do it too” I would be a lot more impressed about their concern with this as an issue instead of basically another hit piece.
But I will look at the article again and see if they give plenty of examples of lies being told.

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" In conversations with political strategists and other experts, a dystopian picture of the general election comes into view—one shaped by coordinated bot attacks, Potemkin local-news sites, micro-targeted fearmongering, and anonymous mass texting. Both parties will have these tools at their disposal. But in the hands of a president who lies constantly, who traffics in conspiracy theories, and who readily manipulates the levers of government for his own gain, their potential to wreak havoc is enormous."

No…just a hit piece. We get BS from both sides, especially with this last impeachment. Its like one side sees the House Dems as partisan and the other sees the Senate Republicans as partisan, and then says “oh, there may be some of this on the other side”.

But at least the article gets it biases out all at once so we don’t have to waste time wondering.
As if Democrats are new to conspiracy theories of their own.

That’s not the only option to consider…but of course, you missed your bias that led to that conclusion.