Trump's billion-dollar "Death Star"

Russia collusion hoax.

It is your contention that the dems didn’t go dirty as implied by the op? Do tell.

So…does Trump really have a Death Star…or is the use of that term propaganda?

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Allow me to translate. The GOP has a lot of money and democrats can’t shut them up and boy that makes them mad. Tough.


If you are the Deep State and you want to deny a non Deep Stater an election?

You don’t wait until the non-Deep Stater wins and has his hands on the levers of power.

Especially when all the information to launch this supposed conspiracy was available before said election.

See…most CEC Deep State Narratives are completely incoherent when you actually stitch them together.

But since those for whom the story is spun will never take the time to do that…the CEC knows it doesn’t have to put together a coherent narrative…just Really Scary Sound Bites.

Dud, read the unbiased article, Trump is an evil lying liar, obviously anything his campaign says will be an evil lie. Pay no attention to anyone who says differently, please get your news only from DNC approved journalists and outlets.

The OP’s link is to a Slate article, which provides a link to McKay Coppin’s Atlantic article that brings up this very thing - for example, Obama used micro-targeting in 2012, and Clinton used it later. In 2016 the Trump team realized the effectiveness of the technique and employed it on an unprecendented scale, including using it in an attempt to suppress the black vote.

Rather than allowing the conversation to devolve into yet another round of “whatabout/so what,” maybe we need to focus on a larger concern that the powers that be on both sides are actively and unapologetically engaged in misinformation to mislead the American public to further their own political ambitions, and we (collective) seem willing to be misled so long as we get who we want in power?


When you click through to the much better written Atlantic article upon which the Salon article is based, you will find at least one GOP strategist is cited as calling it The Death Star.

We know Parscale used these tactics the last time. We know people were being paid all over the world to make up fake stories about Hillary Clinton and get them online into social media.

We know this. Parscale even bragged about a lot of it.

Who says they waited until after he won to begin? When did the investigation into his campaign start again?

And when did we find out about it?

The reopening of the investigation into HILLARY was announced…less than two weeks before the election.

The investigation into Trump was kept completely quiet until after he won.

Those Deep Staters…they’re just SOOOO good.


It’s probably a good thing there’s no one I want to be in power.


Typo alert…it’s not that Democrats cant shut them up. It’s thay nobody can stop the GOP pinnining its hopes on disinformation campaigns.

The Republican Senate is picking right on that and helping Trump in his Biden disinformation campaign. Rudy is taking his made up Russian gangster gibberish straight to the AG and the US Attorney in Pittsburgh, where they will give it a patina if legitimacy.

It’s kind of the natural extension of decades of Revoubkivsn pundits but it’s hard to stop, they’ll do the same thing you just did “oh they’re trying to silence us from spreading lies”. When 4x as many Americans have Facebook as their primary source of news it’s going to be a problem.


Dems have a built-in disinformation machine, at no cost, in the mainstream media.

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Sometimes, seemingly bright people buy the narrative that fits their agenda. Dismissing logic and facts are sometimes necessary but they can easily be replaced by alternative facts.

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That’s what I was doing.

I’m actually not unhappy with this. Trump’s campaign was effective because it was a guerrilla campaign, flexible, low drag, run by a guy-Bannon-they didn’t really understand.

This is the RNC’s version of what they think it was, that is, it’s the same old ■■■■ with social media analytics.

Lol, I thought this was going to be a Space Force thing. You never know with Trump.

The Dossier was opposition research. Do you know the purpose of opposition research?
Of course they didn’t release it before the election. When it was shown to be baseless propaganda it would have backfired on them, just as it has, finally, now.
You don’t think talking about the pee tapes, without providing a source, would have been embarrassing propaganda and a disaster for the Democrats?
And why would they release it anyway? They knew they were going to win without it. HuffPo told them Hillary had a 99% chance of winning. Why would you risk that? The Dossier was in waiting in case they needed it (they did but they didn’t know it)