Trump's billion-dollar "Death Star"

From the article:

“They’re calling it the “Death Star.” While supporters of the various Democratic candidates for president pummel each other online, Grand Moff Brad Parscale, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, is deploying this appropriately nicknamed $1 billion disinformation machine with the real potential to obliterate even the most perfect Democratic ticket this fall.”

The question is…will the democrats at some point go as dirty as the GOP and create their own Death Star that pumps out a disinformation campaign? Is this where we are eventually headed? From the article…

“One way the damage could get worse is if the Democratic Party creates its own version of the same colossus, complete with wild falsehoods and ludicrous conspiracies intravenously pumped into our skulls, along with digital terrorism directed at both journalists and the facts they report. Some operatives on the left reportedly believe it’s acceptable to fight fire with fire, and to let fly with party-sanctioned dirty tricks backed by mountains of dark money.”

Somewhere, some kid is about to cash six figure checks for meme production and this is all of our fault.

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I kinda think its mainly Mark Zuckerberg’s fault. They’re using his platform to launch the Death Star.

One funny way I saw people dealing with this was to roll out endless fake stories about Zuckerberg on Facebook itself- just to show what he’s allowing.

Democrats have been way ahead on the disinformation campaign, just look at their failed Russian collusion hoax and their Mueller hoax and their impeachment hoax.

Attempted coups have consequences!:rofl:

don’t even try to fight it, just stay on point don’t get into a dog fight you will lose.

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If it weren’t him and his site it would have been someone else.

I’m reflecting back on 2016 and thinking of all the horrible humans who gained political celebrity through online social media and shenanigans.

It’s bull ■■■■ season and it’s easier to make than to clean up.

That’s also the opinion of the author of that article. I agree but I wonder if that is eventually where we will go. Some rogue democratic candidate is going to decide to go full Death Star in order to win and theres not much the DNC could do. And that…would be the end to “reality.”

They tried that already and the Russia hoax blew up in their faces. lol

I mostly agree but FB has something like over a billion subscribers. Hard to compete with that.

And this isn’t happening in just the US. Countries throughout the world are using FB as their prime place to disseminate disinformation. Burma/Myanmar is a classic example if it being used to villainize the Rohingya which has led to increasing brutal pogroms on them.

The skeptic in me doesn’t believe for a second that either party is innocent in this sort of thing. But the alleged scope and specifics of what the article is describing, coupled with the abject cynicism displayed by Parscale in deploying his “Death Star” - a program that unapologetically strives to mimic Trump in pushing lies and conspiracy theories to undermine voter confidence is sobering. The powers that be aren’t even attempting to sugarcoat their actions, simply because the electorate is either asleep at the wheel or approving so long as their preferred candidate wins in the end.

(Whatabout/so what/LIIIIIIBZ)


Trump want you to get into a dog fight with him, stay on point stay on policy that is the only way to combat him.

Trump is always going to win a dog fight.

A somewhat educated population could easily deal with all of the disinformation.

It’s why Trump likes the uneducated.

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There was a massive fake news campaign in Canada in 2019, it didn’t work.

What hoax, trump was impeached.

You’d be amazed at how little education matters.

You are right. I’m constantly amazed at how people I know. That I thought were bright people, buy this ■■■■■■■■■

How do they do that when they no longer know how to trust ANY information?

They have already done so in 2016 and continued along that same vein for his entire presidency. But I hope they do break out with their own Death Star. It’s the disdain the left has shown for 50% of Americans, Hillary’s basket of deplorables, that handed Trump the presidency in the first place.

Yes the first people in history to launch a disinformation Deep State Plot to deny someone the election…after that person won.


I read somewhere that Presidents could be elected to a second term. I am pretty sure Democrats are also aware of this little known fact.