Trump's "African American" exits GOP, calls Trump a rich guy "mired in white privilege to the extreme”

How does your point still stand?

Because again, they get bullied by groupthinkers if they run. And then you have states such as California, who didn’t allow GOP candidates to run in the last general election for the national congress.

Polls don’t show everything, either. So going by a poll, which is only a small sample, is not very smart.

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Didn’t allow? Really? How did that happen?

Don’t pretend like you don’t know the tactics of your own party.

Well I am not a registered democrat nor am I a voter in California…so how did it happen?

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Just observe the dynamics of political pages and group discussions on social media. You sure do oppose right-wing ideology not to be someone of left-wing ideology, or part of the Democrat party.

Never said I wasn’t, I said I was not a registered democrat. Now you made the assertion that the GOP was not allowed to run for a national seat in CA. Please prove it

Your post.

And the Democrat party isn’t? The party whose people don’t think African Americans can think for themselves, the party who calls Conservative African Americans “Uncle Toms” (a racial slur), the party whose entire base is founded on perpetual victimization and using it to their benefit, as if African Americans’ discrimination is considered a political football?

The fact that dems nominated AND elected a black potus twice, plus we have vastly more minority congressmen than republican’s. So yep your post is pretty much demolished.

Republican got 9% of the black vote in the midterms.

Sorry, I’m thoroughly confused.
Warren and Sanders supporters are pigmented GOP voters ? And what does that have to do with my post ?

Did Duncan Hunter not win? Darrel issa?

um what a Republican ran for every congressional district in California.

Oh really? Sarah Sanders was Trump’s Secretary of Press for a while. Nicki Haley was a U.S. ambassador. Elaine Chao, an Asian American woman, is secretary of transportation. And even Betsy DeVos, who is secretary of education. He has Gina Haspel as director of the CIA. He has many women in leadership roles, in his cabinet.

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A bunch of pale white libs black’splaining. So virtuous. lol


Yes, but again, as I said, many of those people supported Trump in the election. Especially in the rust belt region, where there are a lot of blue collar workers.

Right? It doesn’t make much sense, hell Duncan Hunter under investigation for fraud still won his seat

Hell Nunes is from California and won.

Was, was, transportation/education. :joy:

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Trump got 8% of the black vote in 2016.

The ones who typically accuse them of being unable to think for themselves are conservatives.

Some conservatives suggest that black folks who vote Ds are brainwashed or bribed into voting D with welfare, implying they’re stupid or easily bribed.

How have Democrats taken away the autonomy of black folks? When did Ds remove their ability to vote for whom they will?