Trump's "African American" exits GOP, calls Trump a rich guy "mired in white privilege to the extreme”

Does the left believe an inherent function of a property owner is the ability to discriminate based on whatever prejudice they may have?

Perhaps there’s some animosity toward people who support such a motion given the legacy of Jim crow. That and the state’s rights baggage, which simply translated to the legalized ability of white southern locals to regulate their blacks.

Start with the basics.


Its not the liberal fault Republican have a 9% polling number with Black voters.


I don’t support conservatives no matter who they are.

Candace Owens is a idiot.


Most of the right only support minorities when they vote for their candidates and principles. They explicitly target left liberal POC and other minorities by telling them they’re stuck on “Democrat plantation” and that they vote against their self-interest (because only conservatives know how POC should be voting - spoiler: they should always vote for conservatives ! :wink: ). If the right were truly for freedom, liberty and individualism, then they would support autonomy of thought.


And why not? Ben Carson is an African American, and so is Candace Owens. They are both just as valid as any other POC’s statements regarding what they are advocating for.

Nope the democrat party is not.

Then you have proved my point.

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Prove it.

So why did he not get nominated for potus?

Obama and the amount of minority dem congressmen vs repubs.

I don’t know it seems like in 2016 and 2020 most African-Americans were supporting centrist candidates like Clinton and it looks like that’s where Biden is getting his support from as well.

The other half of the Democratic Party or aka Democratic Socialists the ones a lot further to the left on the Democratic party the (Sanders and Warren) backers are starting to look like GOP voters in skin pigmentation.

Many of those voters switched over to the GOP. Look at my video, especially the beginning when they ask political ideology and who voted for Obama.

It’s easier to be disingenuous and pretend that there never was a southern strategy.

Which doesn’t negate my post in the slightest.

Yes it does.

Wait, now some are blaming libs because this black dude, who’s a trump supporter decided to go Independent?

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Sorry but it doesn’t.

Yep, it does.