Trump Wants NATO Countries to Bump to 4% Defense Spending


Oh my god you just posted a second article by Andrew Bacevich.


You nailed it. I’ve been busy, but I though it would be worth while to list all the flip flops Democrats have done since Trump’s election. On core issues. And they have flipped flopped before Trump. List them side by side to prove everything is fungible, pliable.

They have the hearts of liquid plastic, can be molded to bleed for the victim one day, and then for the bully the next.

Its amusing to see. But the derangement is incredible. They willingly suppress the truth in unrighteousness, their lust for power prevents any contemplation of their self contradiction.


This is why you shouldn’t never rapidly Google something and post the link without reading it first.


To be honest, our allies need to see we’re busting everything up and just build up their own militaries and such. From their standpoint, it would be more stable. We’d do the dame thing in that situation.


Two separate leftist rags separated by years. Its not uncommon pundits become known as “experts” in their field and stick to that area. CNN’s parade of lunatics mastered that art long ago. Keep seeing the same clowns pontificate on everything.

Including black holes swallowing a jet.


Hilarious, isn’t it?


Bacevich is a conservative. He literally writes for The American Conservative.

Always click on links before you post them bro.


It’s one of those projection things. Since conservative publications don’t let liberals write for them, he assumes that any source he deems liberals would never let a conservative write for them.



But now you are complaining that a sovereign didn’t spend tax money like you wanted them to and didn’t even formally request until a few years ago.

The idea that a nation would automatically buy US arms is also a fantasy. Why would any country buy foreign made arms when they could pump that money into their own nation’s arms industry?

These are first world nations we are talking about… not some backwaters.


Did you happen to notice that the 2 links that BAC posted as “Democrats”, were actually to the same one conservative writer, writing 2 opinions from years ago? In what world does linking to pieces written by the same 1 conservative writer equal “Democrats”?


He is a Democrat? :confused:


Democrat duplicity. They always claim to be for conservative ideas.

They claim to support the military, but reduce funding it to waste money on boondogles.

Like Obama and the the sequester


[quote=“conan, post:41, topic:6879, full:true”]
You realize we basically paid for their expansionism into Eastern Europe[/quote]

Word for word Kremlin disinfo talking points. How do you feel knowing that you’re parroting Kremlinbots?


The problem is you have NO MORAL core, keep on gaslighting…what you post is nothing more then an opinion piece by the same author twice :joy:


We all know Democrats are for shrinking the military and spending the money on their lefty programs.

But its correct I understated Democrat support for Europe’s Globalists and NATO is a part of that.

Lets just say Democrats for a long time now, shrunk the military in practice while giving lip service to it.

Like the recent monsters Omnibus Trump had to sign, to get more military spending he had to accept a whole bunch of wasteful programs Democrats demanded.

Otherwise the wanted the military to keep shrinking like it did under Obama.


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I am still wondering why supporting NATO expansion into Eastern Europe was a bad thing for us.


NATO exists to support the military hegemony of the USA.

All that other stuff that you wrote is nonsense.


Ok so you would rather see NATO strengthen and expanded right?


You proved my point. You hate American hegemony, therefore you hate NATO.

But if pressed, if it might damage a quest for power, you would deny that. Claim to love NATO.

No moral core.


You must really be bothered by all the attacks on NATO then