Trump Wants NATO Countries to Bump to 4% Defense Spending

No article yet but WH confirms:

As noted, the US doesn’t even spend 4%. It’s like he’s just looking for excuses to pull out of NATO.

Is it too much to ask them to do there share?

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The entire NATO unified budget is $1.65 billion. The US pays 22$ of that.

Donald Trump thinks NATO is like a country who’s members pay dues. Because he’s dumb and doesn’t know how anything works.


Or that it’s purely a protection racket.

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He’s demanding they do more than we currently do. Further they are increasing toward the goal. Further still, it isn’t some sort of shared kitty like Trump beleives. Even further than that, it’s expressly in our interest to keep NATO going even if they do underpay.

They’ve all committed to doing their share already. All of them are increasing defense spending. All of them are committed to 2% of GDP by 2024. Some are already there. They all agreed to that back in 2014. This is just Trump being an ass.


Thanks for posting that, I thought I had heard that somewhere but wasn’t certain.

They owe back payments… And our GDP is much bigger than theirs.

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If you understand what the Europeans had done under our protective shield, you would know they…meaning Europeans didn’t have American interest.

They can do more to protect themselves and provide security.

I lost all respect for Europeans when they stood aside and watched atrocities unfold in Yugoslavia and did nothing except demand that America do something…when Yugoslavia was their back yard.

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Yeah, why doesn’t Trump take an easy win (See? They’re paying more!) rather than holding them to a dumb standard they’re not going to meet (for good reason)? It’s ■■■■■■■ bizarre. But as Trump said a week or two ago, "Sometimes our worst enemies are our so-called friends or allies, right?” Meanwhile, Putin’s “fine.”

How much do you think that they should share as a percentage?

Why did they allow to to fall below 2 percent when that was the agreement before?

They expanded their little empire under American protection at the expense of Americans.

Do you understand the purpose of European Union?


Go do some reading. Geesh.

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What are these back payments they owe? Please cite them. Because I’m guessing you can’t.

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2% by 2024 seems reasonable and was agreed upon and they are going toward that which you would know if you didn’t get your news from Donald Trumps lying mouth.

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Not true of course.

Because there wasn’t actually an agreement to keep them at 2%. They were under no obligation to spend 2% of GDP on defense.

The fact that you think that shows just how little you know about the subject. NATO members don’t actually make payments to anyone. The 2% commitment is the amount of money they spend on their own militaries.

Get out of the box… expand the possibilities …

A verbal agreement.