Trump Wants NATO Countries to Bump to 4% Defense Spending


Everyone who just read your response has become dumber for it.


No. Like Ron Paul, I think all these foreign entanglements are a deranged Democrat idea.

America first. Let Europe pay their own way, they got the $$$.


So your with the “libs” on this one then?


alphie clinking on links that destroys his bias? never


No. I wouldn’t use the “savings” on increasing Government salaries so they can kick back to the Democrat party.

Or keeping people dependent on welfare etc so they keep voting Democrat.

While I would agree “lets get out of NATO”, it doesn’t follow we shouldn’t arm the countries threatened by Russia with all the weapons they are willing to buy.


So your with the “libs” against NATO, the only issue you have is how the “savings” would get used?


Oh … I see that you are picking up that stupid idea that they will exclusively buy arms from the US instead of hosing that money into their own economy.

Good to see where you are standing.


Yes, that’s true.

But you are proving my point. It wasn’t about my thoughts on NATO, it concerned (the flip flop)—new found NATO love among Democrats.


That is one flimsy point… question why do you “hate American hegemony”?


No. They can buy from anyone they want. The Chinese make cheap weapons. So do the Russians. But as Syria found out, they might not work when you need 'em.

Nations have a right to self defense. They should do that, without us paying for it preferably


This is Europe we are speaking of. They have their own weapons manufacturing there.

So the idea that this is some big grand plan by Trump to get them to buy US weapons is just plain stupid.

If a country was going to all of a sudden spend real percentage points of the GDP overnight, they would spend as much as they could inside their borders.

To think any different is just being idiotic.


A lot of that round these parts. Trump Republicans repeating commie propaganda.


Our alliance with Europe and Asia has allowed us to have military installations all across the world ensuring American superiority.

Why do you hate America?


Having global hegemony is expensive…

Who knew?


You can’t even tell them apart anymore…


You pulled that out of your ass. I never suggested they shouldn’t make their own weapons, or must buy ours.


What’s next, are we going to require them to have the same per capita level of guns? Cuz 'Murica?

We are the only country to ever invoke article 5, which is the point of maintaining defensive levels.The 2% level is fine (and not even binding anyway) and they are at or moving to it soon.


I’m convinced there is one Russian here. I went and read details about how they do it and their tactics. Or maybe it’s just a huge coincidence that the person is doing exactly, precisely what the Russians do.


Oh there is def at least a couple


I supported Pat Buchanon. One of his major themes was to end all that nonesense. Same with Ron Paul. That’s true Republicanism. America First.

The globalist crap, that’s the Democrat party. They controlled Congress after WWII, they set all that crap up with the Establishment Republicans.

But its not the “historic classic Republican” position: