Trump Wants NATO Countries to Bump to 4% Defense Spending


Still not enough.

But more.


No puppet. No puppet. You’re the puppet.


I honestly don’t even remember the context of that. There’s so much stupidity to keep track of.


You seem to think Russians only pose a threat to Europe and we’re just doing them a solid.


Germany has two flyable fighter aircraft out of a total of 138. Their fleet is in mothballs and they train with broom sticks.
They claim to have helped in Syria but Russia has pacificed Syria in spite of Germany’s broom sticks.
The cold war was the excuse for NATO. That time has ended long ago and the fortune the US wastes each year goes directly to the waste, fraud, and abuse of these foreign dignitaries without one regard to their defense.
In all honesty, these people are not allies. They are freeloaders.


I’m also curious as to how Conan’s childlike understanding of how a trade surplus would be used would be affected by the countries in the European Union who are not part of NATO? Or the NATO countries we have trade surpluses with? Like Great Britain. Do we write them a check? Do we have to buy British military equipment? How does this work?


Right, or the ridiculous idea Europe should buy more American military hardware while the president he adores trashes NATO, buddies up to Putin, and days we shouldn’t even buy steel from Canada for national security reasons.


What a joke. Democrats were against NATO until Trump’s Presidency. It doesn’t matter what Trump does, even when he says things Democrats were for just a few years ago, they take an opposing position:


And in matter of days libs will change their minds again…after all they’re libs.


They have no moral core, its all about power. They adopt positions only to gain power, not that they will fix or perform what they say. In fact, if something got them elected, they will preserve it so they can run on it next election.

Like they do with black poverty or immigration.

They could have fixed both big time under Obama when they had a super majority.

They did nothing.

Just like DACA. Trump offers them a deal fixing it. They wanted the issue so they walked away, even though he more than doubled the DACA kids.


Do you just google crap by the NYT and call it “libs taking a position”?

This is an opinion piece by- Andrew J. Bacevich is a professor of history and international relations at Boston University and a retired Army colonel.

But please keep on gaslighting


Why should I care what that particular opinion writer thought back in 2013? You know he’s a writer for “The American Conservative” right?


A six paragraph opinion piece written by a former military is neither “Democrats” or a journalistic piece from the Times.


The problem they use everything for political expediency is they stand for nothing.


■■■■■■■ magnets, how do they work?

Basically Republicans are a political party comprised exclusively of Juggalos.


I really want to hear this.


You couldn’t be more wrong. It was the mantra of progressives wasting money on NATO was immoral. Mission accomplished. IT was time to “let Europe be Europe”

But there is a bigger reality illustrated by these flip flops in Democrat Derangement.

They have NO MORAL core. If they thought a return of Jim Crow law was the path to power, they would restore the KKK to its former glory as the militant wing of the Democrat party.


That makes zero sense.

The trade deficits are from economic activity between private interests, not sovereign States.

I mean… maybe you are right… maybe you and the President are just clueless enough to think that this is how it works.


Bail, witness tampering…


Yes I understand…that’s why I said 200 billion over 10 years. It’s the revenue they collection off the manufacturing that’s done in there country.

Are you saying their goverment aren’t collecting taxes of labor and profits?