Trump wanted to release asylum seekers into Nancy Pelosi district (4-12-2019)


I feel like people aren’t getting the problem here. An actual president could have said something like we have a large influx of detainees that need to be relocated and we’re looking for suitable areas and we’re hoping for help from all communities. But what he actually said was this: I’m mad. I don’t like you. You don’t do what I say and you don’t support me so I’m going to belittle you and try to hurt you and, I think this will, because I don’t like you and you’re my enemy. I only like people who like me. And they like it when I’m mean to you so HA!

This is the president we have. Who does not think he’s your president if you don’t support him.


This is why so many people are upset and immigration is such a big issue the current system is broken. This red red rover red rover send Jose on over, only for them to run off has to stop. If the left doesn’t want to do anything meaningful about immigration other than platitudes just run on open borders and be done with it.


The law states they turn themselves over. They arnt breaking it. They are following it. Demandi g asylums is a request not be to sent to their home country…not to pardon them for following the rules.



As an immigrant I know a little something about the system


Like Obama did with the Syrians?

He doesn’t have to talk the way you think he should.

The more I think about this idea, the more I like it. Put them where they have the best chance for success.


And it’s the hypocrisy. We’ve already talked about that though.


This has a map of where Syrian refugees ended up. What problem do you have with it? Trump would have done something like only send them to states/districts he lost. And then gloat about it.


You are incorrect. But you have that right.


That’s where they started out, not where they ended up.




These pathetic trump supporters better put their seatbelts on. If you think they were butthurt after 8 years of a black man as President, just wait until Dems regain control and start the flow of executive orders and emergency proclamations just as unapologetically as republicans have been.

Granted, the Dems will have a hard time finding a Dem who’s as big a scumbag as Trump to put in office, but they’ll make up for it with lots and lots of big beautiful EO’s!


Toyota. Built in Texas by Texans.


I am beginning to think that a lot of the current “crisis” is due to more women and children coming across the border and not just young and hard working men. Because its those hard working young men that help harvest crops, hang drywall and work in meat processing plants.

The kids, less so.

I think if the asylum seekers were just young working men they wouldn’t be called a “caravan” anymore. Nor would it qualify as an emergency.

Because our economy has always been addicted to cheap and exploitable labor and these immigrants are our last real source left. No more slavery, no more convict leasing, no more sharecropping, no more industrial towns and no more cheap Asian labor which built the railroads.

All we have left is Latin Americans to exploit, which is why something will only get done as a last resort, if we do nothing the status quo continues.


Ack Sneaky, you’re smarter than this post.


Flow of executive orders? Trump is going down with each year. Obama, with some minor fluctuations, went up.


Also used by terrorists

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“stadium guards are preparing for another invasion of fans”

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Two of the three definitions.


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You lead by example


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