Trump wanted to release asylum seekers into Nancy Pelosi district (4-12-2019)


"The Post reported that the proposal sought to ease the bed shortage at immigration detention centers while also retaliating against sanctuary cities and “send a message to Democrats.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district was specifically targeted, according to the Post, noting that the White House wanted to transport migrants into her congressional district in San Francisco."

lets stick it to pelosi.

what a load we have as president.

Revenge is best served cold.


Send the invaders to sactuary cities?

That would serve her right.

It’s exactly what many posters have been advocating on these forums for years.


Yeah how ■■■■■■ up is this presidency? It goes hand in hand with how he feels natural disaster aid should be used. He thinks the only people that matter are his supporters. He is not the president of all Americans.


"The Department of Homeland Security echoed the White House in a statement to USA TODAY, saying, “this was a suggestion that was floated and rejected, which ended any further discussion.”

Enhhhh. Just the Washington Post making a deal out of nothing.

And making a suggestion like that sort of pales compared to the Pelosi party which wants the flooding of bogus amnesty claimants to continue without taking any action.


Is Pelosi’s district a sanctuary?


His goal isn’t to lead.
His goal isn’t to come up with solid solutions to real problems.
His goal isn’t to help Americans prosper.

No, his goal is to channel the rage of around 35% of the population towards the rest of us for his personal benefit.




Maybe this is why Kirsten Nielsen got fired.


That’s not “Enhhh”. It’s insane that they suggested it. Do you not see how messed up it is that the White House suggested this and DHS had to shoot it down? Jesus.


even the thought of getting revenge because of some alleged slight of the president is repugnant. all right thinking people reject that sort of crap. too bad you cant, Doug.



Nielsen got fired because she dared to tell him his ideas to shut down the border and restart mass family separation was a bad idea. Which is saying a lot considering she was basically a craven sycophant throughout her 16 months in office.


I love the conflicts of their talking points.

  1. Best economy ever, record unemployment
  2. Immigration is a national emergency, they are taking our jobs, record numbers are coming over the border


Dropping busloads of migrants (aka illegals) was a policy started by the previous President and it was done without the knowledge of the city officials, talk about a load!


She made the President mad. Heavens forbid.



How do you know that?


I always thought that was Pizza!


Yep. Obama was transporting busloads to various cities when Central America decided to dump their excess population on us. I don’t recall the media having fits about that.


She served at his pleasure.


You are precious, you think that Obama started catch and release.



And where were the cities?