Trump wanted to release asylum seekers into Nancy Pelosi district (4-12-2019)


If you could.


i’m sure it comes from republican media in an attempt to make Trump not look like the devil for separating moms from their kids.


But I am


Ok, if you say so.

If we have to release these people from custody, and we do, don’t you feel they should be released where they have the best support mechanism to help them until their court date?


It’s also hyperbolic and tends to trigger anxiety and anger in targeted sets of people in this country. It’s tantamount to saying that our country is under attack, and this can invite a whole host of incivility and danger to people who are legally seeking asylum in our country.

We are a country comprised of many cultures and influences, we can accept folks who come here seeking the American dream just like we have since the country’s inception.

It’s simply wrong headed to start a war on drugs, creating the market that decimates Latin America and throws whole populations into danger and then demonize people seeking to escape the nightmare we created.

Invasion can be used, but so can “increased influx”. Both say the same thing, but the reaction to both is quite different.


Changing the argument and goal post. I accept your admitting of wrongness. Takes a big person to do that. Well done


22 million is beyond influx, but thank you for trying to correct my wrongspeak.


Ok if you say so.


They are released however and not deported.



And so is DACA. Which are also here illegally.

Correct, which is what I said. Deferred. And the reason they are released is because we don’t have any place left to detain them.

If they aren’t illegal, how can they be deported after asylum isn’t granted?


That was the proposal of the Whitehouse. Why not do it? Send them to a place that wants them rather than a place that does not. I would get on the phone, call San Francisco and ask them if they are willing to receive the 100,000 border crashers that were apprehended last month. Let San Francisco decide.


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Nobody wants them here! Well, besides the Democratic Politicians,
just for the votes.


I really like this plan. Win-Win-Win.


Obama already did the lots and lots of EO thing. Remember he had a phone and a pen. If he couldn’t get what he wanted he just used his pen and phone and went around congress. I remember people warning you when you all were cheering him on that you would not like the pay back.


San Fran bound…


Sounds like libs are all up in arms…apparently and I quote one lib that equated them to toxic waste, we don’t want em.

What changed?


I’m totally confused though. They have claimed that they want illegal immigrants in unlimited numbers but when the president grants them their wish, they freak out. Strange birds these libs.


Windmills off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.


That’s because the libs…and coastal left-wing sobs don’t want to live by their own rules and laws.