Trump wanted to release asylum seekers into Nancy Pelosi district (4-12-2019)


The outcome is the same.


Yes, they are. What happens if asylum is not granted?


Right. And now Nancy has spoken. She does not want the illegals sent to her district. Well why not? What has changed her mind?


No, they are deferred.


Maybe that’s because I didn’t say obama started this process.


I did? When?


ya know what. I didn’t remember that. But you are right. They got sent to red states and blue states didn’t they?


That future possibility does not change the fact that once they file for asylum they are at that point until their case is resolved one way or another:legal




The action is deferred. They are not legal. They are pending deportation.


Does that spell “unarmed”?


They are legal to remain until that point. They are following the rules and the laws. They are the exact opposite of illegal.


Would it be censored if it were?


No. They are pending deportation. The granting of asylum stops the deportation process. While asylum is being evaluated, they are temporarily deferred from deportation.

Why do you think they don’t show up for their hearings?


Good point. You’re making me feel unwelcome.


At that point they break the law…not until then. Hence legal. Wrong again


Again so called christians are hypocrits


Everyone’s and atheist, get with 2019.


They already broke the law. Demanding asylum is a request not to be held accountable for doing so.

If not, on what grounds could they be deported if asylum is not granted? It is a pardon for a crime committed.


Me? How so?