Trump wanted to release asylum seekers into Nancy Pelosi district (4-12-2019)


So, who actually decides WHERE illegals get dropped off once they have filed for asylum?


It does make sense. I don’t know why Nancy isn’t asking for them. After all, don’t they make her community stronger? Maybe she could have a picnic lunch on her lawn with about 100 of them. And yes she can keep her armed guards.


Why are you compassionate God fearing conservatives ok with this?


Trump is their god now.


Are we comparing illegals to hazardous waste now? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


But under Obama they had no problem of sending em to red states. :wink:


I dont understand why the idea is considered bad and was rejected?

What is wrong with shipping them there?

What does happen to them after they are admitted and put in the process of reviewing their application for asylum? Are they normally shipped en masse somewhere or what?


Eye of the beholder buddy. Sick :roll_eyes:

My comparison is limited to dictating policy based on “revenge”; that perception is all yours.


Those that overstay their visa’s come back…and they don’t go through the port of entry.


Those who filled for asylum are inherently not here illegally


Excellent question.


asylum seekers are documented so that when ICE does a roundup they release the AS.



I’m not even trying to be snarky or anything…

I honestly don’t know what normally happens to the asylum seekers after they have been processed…


Reason #853 why no sane person should want to work in the White House under Trump.


They are noncitizens some who crossed the border illegally. And Obama dumped a bunch of illegals in my state and no he did not ask.


Not sure why you keep stating that Obama started this policy. His administration did not. Trump’s proposal is to flat-out separate children from parents that cross illegally… full stop. Under Obama, they separated children when the BPA had concerns over the childrens well-bring, or if they questioned whether the parent was truly their legal guardian. These policies couldn’t be any more different…


You already tried to make my state a nuclear waster dump. Good for us that the people who live here stopped that leftist idea.


Anyone who hires undocumented aliens seeking a better life should be given a freedom medal for giving them a way to feed their families.

It’s the cruelty.


You bet I am scared of the costs. There is a very simple solution those who want to sponsor a migrant at the border should take them in and sign a contract with the government that states you are financially responsible for them, that way the costs cannot be passed on to the taxpayer.

That’s the current law for any American citizen who marries someone overseas, or sponsors a visa for their family to visit. It was set up this way so the cost would not be passed on to the taxpayer if that person’s marriage failed. Just sponsor them dude, you have more than my blessing for such a noble act you have my admiration.


Because in real life we are bad. Very baaad.