Trump wanted to release asylum seekers into Nancy Pelosi district (4-12-2019)


It would take a heart of stone not to laugh


Provide them with those tourist maps to the “stars” homes. Plenty of empty rooms to fill up and lush green large yards to pitch tents and camp.


@zantax For them its a great thing The President gives them a free bus ticket to the United States and he will allow them to disappear into the undergrowth never to be seen again. this is like a huge Christmas president form Mr Trump to all illegals and will encourage more and more to come as he is now seen as a soft touch and NOT tough on immigration. Whats next free drugs for addicts?


He doesn’t have a choice. It’s currently the law that they get in and we already bus them to the interior, the only thing he was talking about changing was the destination.


and you think they will stay there? the man is a certifiable genius.


And yet you rely on hiring them. Go figure…



I love this. Trump’s campaign promise was to stop the flow of illegal immigration by building a wall that Mexico will pay for. Flash forward to the present, and Trump is declaring national emergencies to scrape up already appropriated funds to build sections of a wall, then advertising that in one year he’s really going to do something [shakes fist in air]… he promises. Big promises, and what he does will be yuuuuge. Now, in recent days, he’s advertising that upon their arrival, they will be moved to sanctuary cities… literally providing the very avenue they’re looking for.

So he’s gone from the guy who said he would stop (or sharply curtail, I don’t want a ■■■■■■■ semantics game with anyone on this) illegal immigration, to be the guy that likely ends up importing record numbers of illegal immigrants thanks to his juvenile tactics in handling domestic policy.

This is maybe the most asinine move in all of political history. The level of idiocy in people that actually champion this is ■■■■■■■ staggering, though not at all surprising.


It’s not Trump doing it genio. Tell it to the judge.


Of course they will. They have to pinky swear just like they do for court.


I don’t rely on anything but myself.


Good Lord.

the guy that likely ends up importing record numbers of illegal immigrants thanks to his juvenile tactics in handling domestic policy.

That is one of the top five stupidest things I have ever read.

You mean the domestic policies that resulted in full employment?


you’ve volunteered the fact that you hire illegals to support your farm/ranch operations.

unless you can handle it all by yourself, it would seem you do, in fact, rely on their labor.


Incorrect and you shouldn’t assume. I hire them as part of my effort to reduce the national debt.


Tell me if this is stupid.

On the campaign: “I’m going to build the biggest border wall, make Mexico pay for it, and stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs coming across our border…”

One year in: No wall. Illegals keep coming.

Two years in: No wall. Illegals keep coming.

Grand announcement: “Mexico has only one more year to stop these illegals from crossing our border…”

Day Later: “Ya know, I think we’ll just pick up the illegals and take them to the sanctuary cities…”

I understand there’s a wee bit of thinking involved here, so here’s the message. He just said “Hey, you all got one year to get here, and when you do we’ll gladly take you to the places you’re trying to get to right now… illegally… but we’re gonna help.” I’m guessing it’s safe to say employing those tactics aren’t going to result in a decrease in illegal border crossings.

When Obama took office, UE was at 7.8. At his departure, it was down to 4.8. Currently under Trump, UE is at 3.8. Specifically, what policies of Trumps do you attribute to that entire 1% drop?

And Im glad that you find it stupid that I would characterize Trump’s antics towards any policy on Twitter (foreign, domestic, monetary, etc.) as juvenile… speaks volumes about you.

BTW, just a comment on comprehension. If you re-read the quote you snipped at the bottom, you’ll notice my comments on “juvenile tactics” concerned his handling of domestic policy… I did not say the policies themselves. Next time, I’d make sure you understand what you’re actually railing before firing off about how stupid a statement is. Like I said, if you support his juvenile behavior, all I need to know…


What did the judge say?

The wall is being built.


In response to a poster talking about you bring illegals across by the truckload, you respond with: “Not that it’s any of your business, but I have my guys. They just came back a couple of months ago”

But I shouldn’t assume… :roll_eyes:

I get it, you’re fine with hiring them. But to keep you’re Trmp-era conservative cred, you gotta rail against them. Do I say, not as I do… right?


They don’t do the ranching and I don’t rely on them.

I never told anybody not to hire Mexicans. I love them, they’re great people. It’s libs I don’t like.


The Ninth circuit? They said that they don’t have abide by NEPA and can proceed with construction of the wall prototypes that replace 14 miles of fencing.

Theres no new wall… but Im sure it just got 40 feet higher, right? :rofl:


Keep digging. :rofl:


That’s odd. If they don’t help out on the ranch and you don’t rely on them, then hiring them is only unnecessarily cutting into your bottom line.

“I love them, they’re great people.” [Wildly applauds the notion of our current administration using them as nothing more than political pawns].

Like I said, speaks volumes…