Trump wanted to release asylum seekers into Nancy Pelosi district (4-12-2019)


And you know that how?


Name them


Come on man, this stuff is not secret.


Look them up.


I assume most people want to work hard regardless of race or nationality. You can assume a whole group of people are lazy bums, but I choose otherwise.


I didn’t say they are. What are you talking about?


The news.


Some immigrant children were placed with human traffickers during the Obama administration.



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Seriously, why are we even talking about this like it’s a realistic possibility? The optics of this would be absolutely terrible for Trump, so he would never be allowed to do something like this. In a reasonable world at least.


I don’t think there was ever an intention to do it, I think the intention was to provoke exactly the response from Democrats he got.


Why? What’s wrong with putting them where they’re wanted?


Transporting them there wouldn’t be pretty. It would also depend on the number of refugees and how prepared the sanctuary cities would be. But this isn’t going to happen, so it’s really a waste of time to discuss it in depth.


It’s punishment. Try to keep up, I know it’s hard, since they are great for the country when they are dropped off in small conservative towns or in conservative states, but not in wealthy liberal enclaves.


Why would transporting them there be “not pretty”? You know we already transport them to various places right?


This is a pretty long thread, but I hope it’s already been addressed about how fundamentally stupid this is of Trump on all levels. Literally every level. It’s stupid. From breaking his own promises, to allowing so many people into the country, to fundamentally lying about who these asylum seekers are, to the public completely not believing his lies, to then giving these asylum seekers exactly what they want. It’s a monumental ■■■■ up of monumental proportions. So basically another normal day for Trump.


Yeah, they are transported to places without much media presence. You don’t think the cameras would be rolling if they empty out the buses in San Francisco?


Why? Fly them first class on Southwest if you want.


Good! Confirmation that Trump isn’t cruel!


That post is monumentally stupid. He’s not “allowing” people into this country. As has been pointed out 10,000 times by libs: he can’t legally keep them out.

How is he lying about who they are? Let’s save some time, he’s not.


And that’s bad how? Is it a bad thing they are getting what they wanted? I thought they wanted to be granted access to the interior of the United States? And it’s some place that claims they welcome them, probably get a welcome home parade, how is that bad optics?


Trump has to work within existing laws, so we can’t blame HIM for the encouragement of illegal immigration by Dems and Neo-con/RINO’s via their scripting of the laws he has to work within. Since congress and sanctuary states and cities are perpetuating the influx of illegals by their implemented policies, it makes sense and is just that illegals who are being allowed to stay in the US through the machinations of the above-mentioned agennts should be required to remain within areas controlled by those same above-mentioned as a condition of their remaining in the country, and any illegals found outside of those sanctuary areas would be considered as “breaking their parole/bail” and as such should be immediately evicted from the country.