Trump tax cut turns out to be another Trump lie


Left expects the lowering taxes on Marijuana to increase tax take for Marijuana. LOL



The concept of reward and punishment does not apply.


Is that somehow related to my post?


There’s historical and economic reasons why the feds own so much Western land.

One would think someone who lives there would know this.


And again not true. The economic stimulus created by the cuts is what is driving the revenue increase. Without the tax bill, that stimulus would not exist nor would the increased revenues.


See your dictionary for “punitive”.

Progressive taxation is punitive by it’s very nature, it punishes the achievers.


Are you solely talking about personal income receipts? Last time I checked, the corporate receipts were down.


Because both parties got together and had a spending binge in October so they could get out of town and campaign.

Revenue isn’t the problem, spending is.


Baseless claims of causality


Yep, lets cut the military


I’m talking about total receipts.

Part of that corporate cut was to get them to put more people to work which has happened by leaps and bounds in the last two year generating a huge amount of new personal tax revenues.

Corporate receipts are up over 50bn dollars from 2016-2018.


Not true.


Last time I checked was in the third qtr of 2018. I remember corporate receipts being down by over 30%.
Are you telling me that it has made an incredible rebound since then?


The hiring data shows it to be true.

We are at historic low unemployment since the tax breaks went into effect and real wages are rising for the first time in three decades.


I provided the data from the Tax Foundation.


The quarterly number tell a different story. Looks like a drastic decline in Corporate receipts.
I don’t doubt that the personal income receipts made up for the losses, but that isn’t a positive point of the new tax laws. At least not in my opinion.


Which don’t agree with the annual numbers.

Let’s see when the totals for 2018 come out. It’s not exactly surprising to see a big quarterly dip in light of how harsh the winter has been either.


THAT is the crux of the con by Trump. He’s got all his base thinking that he’s like them, fighting against the rich elitist coastal snobs. Meanwhile, HE is one of those elitist snobs and is demonstrating exactly how the rich manipulate the lower classes.

His base may begin to catch on a bit soon though, as those tax bills come due.


Let’s see.

Unemployment overall, all time lows.

Black unemployment, lowest since records have been kept.

Hispanic unemployment, lowest since records have been kept.

Inflation near historic lows.

Nobody is foolish to think he’s “one of us” other than the 1% of which he’s a member but his policies have most certainly been exactly what those in the bottom 2/3 have been needing for a very long time.


And? How much more revenue could be generated for state and local gov’ts in CA without 45% of the acreage being tied up by the federal gov’t?

Without the federal dam/irrigation projects CA’s largest industry, agriculture would not exist.