Trump tax cut turns out to be another Trump lie


The big quarterly dip was way before the harsh winter you mention.

Notice how the individual taxes made up for the sharp decline in corporate receipts.

Would you call that a middle class tax cut?



I know what the historical reason is, and I also know the economic reason.

however, if the feds were to offer the land at appraised value today, there would probably be many takers for significant portions.


How about cuts across the board, all agencies, all departments all programs?


So you are telling me that the large percentage of federal land increases that amount of revenue generated by the state. Interesting tact considering the post I had replied to stated just the opposite.


The biggest quarterly dip on your chart is for the current quarter and the winter of 2017-18 was even harsher than this winter has been.


I haven’t provided any data for the current quarter.

Do you still believe that corporate tax receipts are up? I would agree that total receipts are up but not corp receipts.


Excuses to excuses…


Facts are not “excuses”, they are simply facts.

Less thatn 25% of the acreage in Utah can be used to generate local, county, or state tax revenues nor can people develop them producing jobs that create federal revenues.

The same is true in most of the states west of a line from Minnesota through Nebraska and down through Texas. In many of them 40% or more of the land it tied up by the federal gov’t.


Unemployment has been falling for years and continued to fall this year.

But somehow we are supposed to believe that this year it’s all due to the tax cut? Sorry but the cause and effect is just not there.

Furthermore, we’ll be really lucky if we can hit 3% GDP geowth for 2018. Is that the economic miracle that we were promised? Is that the best we can do with a $1.5 trillion tax cut and a nearly $1 trillion annual deficit?


And what impact does that land have on your stare’s budget? Does you state spend any money to maintain, police or support a population on that land?


And once again, revenues have increased, but both parties had a spending party in October so they could go campaign.

Spending is the problem, not tax cuts which provided a huge stimulus to the economy.

As for trying to take away credit for the continued falling of UE below what has been considered “full employment” since such records have been kept is pure partisan bs.


No…it doesn’t.

Stupid to apply the concept of reward and punishment to taxation…but since punishment and reward is all YOU know…I’m not suprised that YOU of all people believe this.


That’s exactly what it does. The more you make the more punitive tax rates become.


No but unlike states with littler or no federal lands they can’t use those lands tied up by the fed’s to generate incomes or tax revenues to benefit the rest of the state.


It’s not justifiable to say revenues increased when it’s February and tax day isn’t for another two months.

Just saying “revenues” went up isn’t sufficient. Revenues always go up in economic expansions. The question is whether they went up as much as we’d expect.

Seriously though, is 3% GDP growth the best we can do even with a massive tax cut and huge federal deficits? This is not the economic miracle we were promised.


Revenues were up in 2017 and through the first three quarters of 2018. Taxes are paid literally every day.


How big of a cut? That seems like a lazy way out. Military, medicare and SS are the big ones.


Why should my son, who rents his apartment subsidize people who own a home mortgage?

Why should home owners get to “offset” their interest in their mortgage, denying the nation of their fair share of the tax they should be paying?



Most corporations used the money for stock buy backs.


Some did which put a whole lot of cash in the hands of the people that bought those stocks to spend as they saw fit and they paid taxes on every dime of it.