Trump tax cut turns out to be another Trump lie


Yes it does.

Example Utah. Undeveloped land has a property tax on it. the 75% of the state that is federal land has NO property tax on it. That means no money going to the counties, no money going to the state for the land. But the counties provide search and rescue for the land, provide medical care for anyone that is injured out on the land, local law enforcement also patrols the land (along with very few rangers on the federal level). Local wildlife officers enfoce state hunting laws on federal lands (Rangers have no federal hunting laws to enforce).

Then you’ve got the issues of how the land is manages. Here’s prime example a: Mountain where I live. Envrionmental wakos after several years of fires finally agreed something needed to be done to better manage the forrest. It was determined that a large percentage of tree’s needed to be removed. Great opportunity for logging – putting people to work and that.

Environmental wako’s threw a fit over that option for thinning the forrest. So what happens? Wacko’s get their way. A company was hired to go up on the mountain, cut down hundreds of thousands of tree’s. Clear cutting certain area’s where all the tree’s could be stacked up in piles. Then you know what happened? Over two years they lit the stacks on fire and burned them all.


You really dont know me well.i dont consider land mine because im a human being…im not that full of myself.


The environment is important…just because you are alive doesnt mean you get to control the domain…you will die…the land will remain long after you are gone…


What would your county budgets look like if they didn’t have the revenue stream from the land? Remember federal land can’t be taxed by local entities. And I checked, vacant land is taxed in PA (at a much lower level, same as Utah). Something tells me your privately owned “tree’s” in PA are managed differently than Utah’s federally owned “tree’s”. Unless you want to convince me that PA only has 2% of it’s landmass in tree’s.


I really dont care…money isnt everything either snow…somethings go beyond the limited human brain…


Never mind you don’t get it. And until you live in a state that has 75% controlled by the federal government you won’t.


The number I found was actually 65%, but I won’t split hairs with you.

Nevada is listed at 85%, CA at 45%.

California seems to have many of the same issues you raise, but CA pays more to the Feds than they get back, is Utah in the same position?


No i get it…greed… thats really it.


No, no you don’t. If you don’t consider what would happen to county and state government budgets if even over 50% of the land in state couldn’t be taxed.


So now you care about revenue? Then you were against the tax law right? Uh oh…we found a problem with your logic…

Also thats called greed.

You want the land to tax and use it…greed…ty


Donald Trump is in no way responsible for your state taxes going up.


California at 45%
All fall into that group you are discussing.


Apples to Oranages


Revenues have increased, not decreased as a result of the “tax law”.


The only way that is even possible is through federal subsidization of the ag industry and the concentration of the entertainment industry in the state.


What does the word “might” in the headline mean? Does it mean it’s a fact that fewer households “will” get refunds? Sounds like the family that ended up sobbing after seeing an axe mounted over their cellar door and were in trauma that it “could” have fallen on their heads.


And yet the deficit is going up rapidly.


Not buying it and I don’t think you are either. Tax receipts are down compared to what they would have been without the new “tax law”


If your state overtaxes you to give your money to leftist activist causes and was hiding the extent of that by the federal government’s tax take being capped at $10,000 , and you support that local misuse of taxpayer funds, keep voting Democrats into your state legislature. You’ll benefit the same as all other states by federal tax cuts from now on.


We’ve already addressed this talking point in this thread. Where you guys getting this stuff?