Trump’s ‘operation warp-speed’ to create coronavirus vaccine pays off! Thank You President Trump!

H1N1 vaccine? Yes, beginning in July. It went through the same process as the seasonal vaccine.

In approving the vaccines, the FDA used the same process it uses in approving strain changes in seasonal flu vaccines.

“The H1N1 vaccines approved today undergo the same rigorous FDA manufacturing oversight, product quality testing and lot release procedures that apply to seasonal influenza vaccines,” Jesse Goodman, MD, the FDA’s acting chief scientist, said in the FDA release.

Then it was developed.

Standardized quality assurance of existing production methods is “development?” Whatever makes a point, I guess.

It is part of the process of developing a vaccine.

Nope. The only vaccine method in 2009 was egg based. Each year the CDC or WHO lab gave a candidate vaccine virus (CVV) to vaccine manufacturers. Those manufacturers then used the same basic 70 year old method of using fertilized hen’s eggs to replicate the virus, then either inactivate or attenuate the CVV. It then goes through quality assurance.

Nothing is developed. The CVV is given to the manufacturer and they use it to make the vaccine. It’s no different today other than there are now cell based and recombinant production methods.

If being given and then plugging a CVV into a 70 year old vaccine production method followed by routine quality assurance is “development” in your world, more power to you. If I swap Coke for Pepsi in the soda fountain then do a taste test, I don’t consider that “developing” a new soft drink. I guess some would.


No the economy is not being kept shut down so someone loses an election.

Sure it is.

A Gallup poll a few weeks ago basically showed that 35% of the country would choose not to get a Covid vaccine even if it’s free. The breakdown for Reps was only 47% (Dems 81%, Ind 59%)

So the answer to your question is that over half of registered Rs are basically Darwin Award candidates.


No- the economy is not being deliberately shut down for election reasons. Just like the riots aren’t happening for election reasons.

That’s a fever dream.

The real root causes stem from the events of 2020 revealing so much that is rotten with today’s socio-economic landscape.

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Repeat that 100 more times and it might come true.

For a political junkie to deny everything isn’t political cracks me up.

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Well, as it turns out, President Trump’s Warp Speed turns out to be a big success. See: FDA approves emergency use of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine



The Food and Drug Administration approved the emergency use of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine Friday as a second wave of the coronavirus continues to batter a pandemic-weary nation, the New York Times reported Friday night.”

Also see: ROGER WICKER: Operation Warp Speed produced scientific miracle in record time

“Government harnessed the power of private innovation

Vaccines normally take years to develop, go through clinical trials, receive FDA approval, and become available to the public. These COVID-19 vaccines were produced in record time because of Operation Warp Speed, a public-private partnership devised by the Trump Administration and funded by Congress. In March, Congress passed legislation to invest billions in vaccine research and development, streamline the approval process, and pre-purchase millions of vaccine doses.”

Thank you President Trump!


First they used Joe Biden to get Barack Hussein Obama, a socialist revolutionary, elected as president. And now they are using Joe Biden to install a Cuban style socialist revolutionary, Kamala Harris, as president.

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And Trump just bought another 100 million doses from Moderna…that’s 200 million doses to be distribute by 2nd quarter of next year. That and 100 million from Pfizer that’s total of 300 million doses.

And this is at no additional cost to American people. Basically it’s going to be free.

And libs actually think they could have done better? Too funny. Those incompetent boobs would have ended up with massive death/body count. Look no farther then New York state.

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Biden vaccine so nice he’ll give it to us twice.

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That’s nice. Too bad no trump supporters are willing to take the vaccine. :sob:
They are so entrenched in conspiracy that they won’t take it. Now that Trump forced fda to approve the vaccine, that add to the doubts.

No additional cost? He had to shell out an additional $1.7 billion.

Worth it, but it was not at “no additional cost”.

Some things are developed…like adjuvants, which increase the potency and duration of immunity for vaccines.

My own company has an adjuvant that increases the potency of a vaccine about fourfold.

Trump spent his own money or taxpayer money?

Of course it paid off, it cut the development time by a total of about 24 months and as a result we’ll have it in wide distribution before the end of the year.

Just admit you were wrong about this from the start and move on.



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