Trump’s ‘operation warp-speed’ to create coronavirus vaccine pays off! Thank You President Trump!

Well, this is also where data collection ended for this study, and where the CDC took over the mortality data. We will have to wait a month to see definitive late August and September data. Although I do believe we are going to see a good drop from the previous months.

It looks more like CV 19 sped up the inevitable and now we are in a time of relative low mortality as the balance plays out.

Nature is better at balance than people or politics.

It certainly could be, but as the chart itself says, there are built in lags in data. We cannot know definitively if this drop is due to improvement or simply incomplete data. We will know soon enough, and I hope it is the former.

thats just silly. the virus is not an airborne virus, it is droplet based. you can get it from surfaces and the cdc is the one that says so. you can also get it by breathing in droplets suspended in the air that gravity hasn’t bought down yet. we’ve known that since february, where were you? didn’t you hear dr’s fauci and brix saying these things at the briefings?

of course in feb there was so little of it detected here the CDC recommended Americans do nothing but wash hands. they recommended social distancing mar 13th and limiting crowd size mar 15th. The NIH on mar 11th. The Presidents last rally in Mar was mar 2nd when there were 23 known cases of covid in the entire nation. Biden’s Mar 10th. before that the only cdc guidance was to hand wash and cover your mouth with your elbow. but you go ahead and froth at the mouth, your trump hate drivel, is irrelevant.

biden knew those things too if he watched the briefings, and had mass rallies in march… where’s your outrage! me, i have none, because the medical experts hadn’t recommended it yet. none for biden, none for trump. neither of them did anything against the cdc’s recommendations.

you’re screaming from the rafters with your hair on fire and frothing at the mouth and will likely burst a blood vessel soon, over what? The President taking his medical advice from the CDC instead of the CIA? that’s silly. you see, that is what exposes your posts as the faux outrage they are. Who in their right mind would get medical advice from the CIA?

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trump is likely the most tested and protected man on the planet. he knows he does not have covid. what medical purpose would be served by him wearing a mask?

It would set an example for the rest of the country. If the POTUS does the right thing, that means something.

I know this is out of vogue when the POTUS is a ■■■■■ grabber, but this would have been a great time for him to step up and think about the effects his leadership has on the country.

Heck, we saw it here on this forum. While the POTUS was resisting masks, people were mocking the use of masks. Then, when teh POTUS said it was patriotic…well, I haven’t heard them called a face diaper since.

Leadership matters.

like i said, maybe you need a daddy figure, i don’t. give me the information and i’ll make my own decision.

the rest of the trump hate drivel you spewed is meaningless.

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By that logic, I could go out in the street and assassinate two citizens.

The average age of death is 72. Not so interesting.

I will only be laudable once we have a safe and effective and available vaccine.

Trump gets zero points so far.


Oh I understand it…but your own chart now says normal death has dropped below average. Which means that some were going to die due to other illness would be dying within those couple months anyway.

What I’m going to go off is number of deaths per year…whether we see any real increase of not. Now keep in mind their is nature increase in deaths due to some baby boomers are starting to die off.

Keep in mind over half of those going into nursing home doesn’t last 6 months. So we are coming up to that now since outbreak.

Those numbers are all greatly above the expected rates, and across all age lines. The drop we see now is simply due to either improvements in mortality or simply lagging data. We have to wait and see.

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If zero is being average are we not below average?




Those companies didn’t “develop” the vaccine. The CDC identified the virus and the companies made the vaccine using standard seasonal vaccine techniques.

so they didn’t “develop” anything. used stuff off the shelf.


The CDC didn’t identify it, the Canadians did. It doesn’t matter what technique they used, they developed it and are still developing it.


[Patient 1] On April 15, the CDC received the clinical specimen and identified a novel influenza A (H1N1) virus of swine origin

[Patient 2] The specimen was shipped to the CDC, where it was received on April 17, and a novel influenza A (H1N1) virus of swine origin was identified.

That strain was then used to create the vaccine which was made using the same methods used to make the seasonal vaccine. No development. Sorry.

I am talking about the 'Rona.

The CDC didn’t develop the H1N1 vaccine. The private sector did.

Was it trialed?