Trump’s ‘operation warp-speed’ to create coronavirus vaccine pays off! Thank You President Trump!

Trump’s ‘operation warp-speed’ to create coronavirus vaccine seems to be paying off.

As originally reported in May, Trump’s ‘operation warp-speed’ was intended to accelerate the development of a vaccine for the coronavirus by the end of the year.

The operation brought together all of the experts from federal agencies and the private sector, to develop and then to manufacture and distribute a proven coronavirus vaccine as fast as possible ___ “a massive scientific, industrial, and logistical endeavor, unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project”, as one new article reported.

On July 20, Trump’s efforts seems to have paid off. See: Coronavirus vaccine latest update: Oxford vaccine found “SAFE” in early trials; triggers immune system response

Keep in mind the Trump administration, back in May of this year, partnered with drugmaker AstraZeneca for at least 300 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and committing up to $1.2 billion to the effort.

Well, that effort by the Trump Administration is now paying off . . . bigly as President Trump would say.


But don’t expect our Fifth Column Media [MSNBC, NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, WASHINGTON POST, ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, New York Daily News, Time, ETC., and their countless Yellow Journalists] to give credit to President Trump’s ‘operation warp speed” which has brought us to this promising point in time. But I will give credit. . . Thank you Mr. President for your dedication in bringing together the full force of our federal government and partnering with our private sector to produce this most promising coronavirus vaccine.


Our country is infested with a Fifth Column movement at MSNBC, NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, WASHINGTON POST, ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, New York Daily News, Time, ETC., and their countless Yellow Journalists, who work hand in hand with the Democrat Party


Oxford University is not in the US.
Why would England thank Trump for something he had nothing to do with?



What on earth are you talking about. What does that comment have to do with what I posted?


Oxford is in the UK.


Your link is for Oxford University. The ones that made the vaccine. That Oxford. That university not in the US. The one that Trump has nothing to do with.


Back in May, The Trump administration announced a grant to AstraZeneca , which has licensed a potential vaccine that is in trials by Oxford University.

What is your freaken point other than to muddy the waters?

See: Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed Accelerates AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine to be Available Beginning in October


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knee jerk narratives

As early as October of this year? Interesting.

The swine flu lasted from January 2009 until August 2010. Vaccines were given to civilians by November 2009 in the first 16 countries.

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Swine flu [H1N1 virus], and COVID-19 = apples and oranges.

What is your point, other than muddying the waters?


Joe Biden and the Democrat Party Leadership want elderly American citizens, who paid into Medicare all their lives, to surrender and share their healthcare revenue with millions of illegal entrants who have invaded America’s borders.

That this vaccine appears to be coming out faster.



Next question, will the people who have feared masks, not trusted scientists, and overall not even believed this was a real crisis all along actually be willing to get injected with a vaccine that was so quickly developed and released?


So is the alleged vaccine english or Trump warp speed?

We are talking about people who have written Dr. Fauci off for one inaccurate statement months and months ago. So the answer obviously is YES!*

*As long as Trump told them to do it. Trust in Trump®

My thanks to the fine folks over at the English institution of Oxford University for developing the vaccine. I do hope you guys will let those of us in the US purchase these vaccines. I promise not all of us hate foreigners. Pretty please?


I honestly cannot tell from the link provided, I see no info provided in it regarding “operation warp speed” or any allusion to a program in the US somehow allowing them to figure out a vaccine faster in England. Interested to know.

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Seems. Lol

It will only be successful until the public can get vaccinated

Until then my kudos will be withheld.


Did @johnwk2 not provide the evidence?

Even then.

That’s pathetic. Come on man!

Nope wrong again.

If trump delivers a vaccine to the public, it will be a feather in his cap.